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A sociological analysis of how family life may influence dependent childrens opportunities to develop their sporting potential - Essay Example

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Family life atmosphere and surroundings of a child always act the role of a catalyst in providing plenty of opportunities that enhance various skills. It is a part of common knowledge that child starts his initial stage of learning in his family. …
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A sociological analysis of how family life may influence dependent childrens opportunities to develop their sporting potential
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Extract of sample "A sociological analysis of how family life may influence dependent childrens opportunities to develop their sporting potential"

Download file to see previous pages It is a part of common knowledge that child starts his initial stage of learning in his family. A dependent child lacks the healthy family backgrounds and natural surroundings that facilitate gradual development in various skills. The feeling of surety and care help the child to generate the status of mental and physical fitness. Dependent children are prevented from experiencing love, protection, tenderness, co-operation and self respect. It results severe development problems for those children. Both mental and physical fitness is essential for the structured development of sporting potential. The life of dependent child arises some questions about the process of natural growth having care, encouragement and motivation. Even though, parents may feel initially it is good to be needed, then this can change in to an exhausting way. A child’s dependent status always based on his own decisions and the chance of revision and modification are impossible. “A dependent child is vulnerable to exploitation and revictimization because he/she has a tendency to attach to anyone who he/she feels attends to their physical or emotional needs” (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Urquiza & Winn, 1994). A dependent child faces his life not very seriously. ...
good structure of communication between the athletes and these families during games and education of the families on how to be a resource for the athletes helped athletes to enjoy their family’s support (Jowett, S., Lavallee, D. & Lavallee, D. 2007, p. 239). Noemie P. Beaulieu makes relevant studies in the field of the development problems among the dependent children. Author argues that dependent children often subjected to less sporting potential and are less likely to engage organized sports activities. Author observes; “This condition makes field-dependent children have a less positive experience in learning new sports skills for which they are usually unaware of the inherent relationship at the beginning stage of learning” (Beaulieu, 2008, p. 173). Consequently, these children have faced various problems in various fields such as less capacity in sports skills, low level physical fitness and poor confidence level. Psychological theories like social learning theory and cognitive theory highlights the process of behavior formation of a child through imitation and continuous observation. Family life and experiences have a significant role in providing opportunities for young children to develop sporting spirits. “Sport can contribute significantly to international, national and local efforts to give children a healthy start” (Sport for children and youth, n. d. p.80). Family atmosphere of a child provides motivation and encouragement for children in practicing various activities. In case of a dependent child, it is clear that he lacks the care and attention of his real parents. Here, his life lacks encouragement and frequent emotional support. It clearly affects the development of his sporting potential. Parents in many families have given attention in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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