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Life With Mom - Essay Example

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Life with Mom Life is like a river where you cannot take a bath into the same wave. Ironically you take notice of that wave once it is long gone and far away. This eternal voyage takes it to the land of no return…
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Life With Mom
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Download file to see previous pages It was 12 years back in 1998 when my mother and I made our way to Las Vegas; the much celebrated party town of United States of America. Back in 1998, at the Excalibur Hotel where we both stayed looked like a giant medieval castle that swallowed us like a tiny dust particle through a huge vacuum cleaner that we call luxury. From the very beginning of our arrival to Las Vegas the MGM Grand Hotel with all its surrounding myths regarding its sprawling luxurious establishments allured us to make a visit to that place. Hence, in one hot and dry Vegas evening we took a little walk and after a brief period of time stood right in front of the magnanimity of the modern Vegas. A huge golden lion above the entrance welcomed us, but fortunately, without a roar. Soon our already enchanted souls made their way into the hotel and suddenly we found ourselves before a giant television where no other than Elvis Presley was singing and dancing. Wine has a funny thing; it becomes precious as it gets old and so does Presley. Finally a casino parted the ways of my mom and me. The casino was by far the largest we have seen and without any argument took care of individual preferences when it mattered. The blackjack table drew me as light draws an insect to slowly burn itself yet does not forget to allot its share of warmth before it turns it to ashes. My mother had other attractions and soon made her comfortable with the jangling quarter slot machines. One thing you can be rest assured about the casinos, here on one hand you will find jubilant gamblers, screaming their throats out in joy with each coin they win and on the other shouts not so jubilant and rather filled with suppressed anger knock your ears down with each successive loss they incur. Our experience with this particular casino was no different and we somewhat liked it. After 30 minutes of hue and cry I felt my mother’s assuring hands on my shoulder and with a smile and a following tap of praise she declared that she had just won $1400.00 and we should leave while we are wining. Frankly speaking, at first I wasn’t happy about leaving so early yet when she showed me the dollars she had just won; I quit my game and left with my joyful mother to seek another adventure in Las Vegas. After all luck is like a southern wind that might change sides with a wink of an eye. If life were only a matter of casinos and parties, perhaps Santa would have lost his job. Two women with age differences and weaved through a social relation called mother and daughter are bound to rub their shoulders against each other but not always because Michal Jordon has put a basket. My mom and me were no exception. As I remember in a summer afternoon that was hot enough to boil our brain we both sat in our kitchen and normal talks were being exchanged. Her eyes were fixed into a magazine yet she was more engrossed on talking about Uncle Tom and Aunt Joanne that I had found unnecessary interference. I never felt being an individual human being one should unnecessarily interfere into my own life and I should respect the same about him. Hence I stopped my mother in doing so and that unleashed her anger upon me. It all started with her harping on my weight that had nothing to deal with it that moment; upset to the brink I threw a cup of cold water to her that was immediately answered by throwing of a cup of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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