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White privileges in America - Essay Example

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An ideology of the superiority and the inferiority of people belonging to different groups, based on the difference in their skin color or in other words their pigmentation that are generally created by the white Europeans and the Americans, for their own benefits in every aspects of living, be it Social, economical, political as well as educational benefits is what can be termed and viewed as racial differentiation or to be defined in a single word as racism…
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White privileges in America
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Extract of sample "White privileges in America"

Download file to see previous pages The society of the United States of America inherently is a country of the whites. The American society has been structured by racial discrimination profoundly and racism has lastingly marked the society of the country as concluded by the report of the United Nations Human Council for the year 2009. However the racism affects the white population of the country as well, as they are from birth always been isolated from the people of color in the daily life. That is how racism is experienced by the white population of the society. (Lund and Colin, p 8: Wise, p viii) Racism and the privileges for the white thus hurt the living of the people of color and to some extent affect the white as well. 1. The White Privilege The roots of the society of America are permeated by the factor of racism which gets reflected in each and every institutions of the society. It get resembles in the culture of the society, in the society’s character as well as in its structure. There are several boundaries in the social lives set by the majority of the white population of the country for the people of the different skin color....
Whiteness and non whiteness stratified the society of the United States of America. In the society of America real situations are defined by Whiteness and it also impose real consequences.(Guess, 650; Lund and Colin, 8) According to Wise the society of the United States of America always bestowed some advantages to the individual born white in the society. These are the advantages from which the people of color are deliberately withheld. Whiteness which may have different meaning in different time and places, however in the United States of America being white entitles some common experience based upon the advantages and privileges from the people of color along with belongings. The racialization of a subordinate group also brings with it the racialization of the super ordinate group as they enjoy the position of dominance in the society and added to their advantages (Wise, viii, 3: Guess, 651) In the words of Wise, white privilege is enjoying every kinds of social, political economical as well as educational benefits along with facilities in health care services that an individual requires for earning prosperity, social security and respect for himself over the other classes of the society. According to him in short white privilege is the root of problems existing in a society that is not a meritocracy. (This is your nation on White Privilege) 2. Privileges enjoyed by the white population of the country According to the reports of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics for the year 2009 and the United States Census Bureau for 2006, the total percentage of the white population of the society is 73.9 percent that experienced the unemployment rate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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