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Green Buildings - Essay Example

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Rapid industrialization and increase in demand of fuels have increase pollution all over the world. The increase in carbon dioxide in the environment is damaging the ozone layer surrounding the earth’s atmosphere…
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Green Buildings
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Download file to see previous pages Rapid industrialization and increase in demand of fuels have increase pollution all over the world. The increase in carbon dioxide in the environment is damaging the ozone layer surrounding the earth’s atmosphere. This is damaging the environment and increasing the temperature of the world. Oceans are melting and seal levels are increasing. This phenomenon is known as global warming. The dangerous consequences of such climatic change are forcing the world to come up with techniques that are environmental friendly. Green building is one such technique that preserves our environment. The cost of these buildings far exceeds the benefits of green buildings. It is important to understand the benefits of green buildings and their structure to prove that this technique worth its costs. A cost benefit analysis will show clearly that green buildings should be used more often in order to protect the environment. Benefits of Green Building One of the most significant benefits of green buildings is that they help save energy. These buildings save electricity and in turn decrease our dependent on fuels. Electricity is produced by many ways and oil is also used to produce electricity. Green buildings are designed in such a manner that they allow the residents sunlight and natural air. In this way energy consumption is decreased greatly. Air conditioning and lights use most of the electricity in homes and by reducing this electricity environment can benefit a lot. In green buildings trees and plants are used in order to provide shade and cooling (Simpson, J. 2002). Plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen in daytime. This gives freshness and coolness in daytime in the house. Another benefit of green buildings is the increased productivity of the people living in green buildings. People who live in green buildings are found to work long hours. They also have less stress and they can stay fresh for long hours. This is mainly because occupants get exposure to sunlight and fresh air. Air conditioning is no substitute of fresh air. Fresh air soothes residents of green building and this is why they feel less stressed then residents of normal houses and buildings. A study reported that absenteeism was reduced by 40 percent in buildings that were green (Lallanilla, M. 2011). This is the effect of plants and natural air and sunlight. The benefits of green buildings include less sickness as well. This may be because of less pollution and harmful gases. People who live near road sides are exposed to pollution. In green buildings a proper mechanism deals with pollution as discussed before. Also greenery attracts employees to offices. Water efficiency is another benefit of green building. The design of building is such that it allows water to be reused. Water is recycled in greenhouses houses. It is purified and reused in flushes. In this way throughout the life of the green building flush water is not wasted but is used and reused over and over again. This is a great benefit of green buildings because it can save gallons of water. A house has a life of at least 30 to 40 years. Throughout this period all the water used in flush will remain the same. Also water is saved by using low flow of water in flushes and showers. Even this can help reduce water consumption of households greatly. Toilet paper is also not used in washrooms and that protects tress. All in all a simple technique of water recycling a great amount of water can be saved. Also material used in green buildings is environmental friendly. The wood used for making green buildings is made of plants like bamboo that grow faster. Rare plants and trees are not used in the making of green buildings. Industrial goods used in making homes are also recyclable and are environmental friendly. Stones and other materials used in houses can be reused again. Energy costs are decreased as a result of green building ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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