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Communication Infrastructure and how it was affeted by Huricane Katrina - Term Paper Example

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Policy Environment and the Regulatory Structure Communication policy describes the national policy for the ensuring that the national communication sector is developed for the purpose of benefiting the national political, social and economical goals of the citizens and the partners (World Bank Group, 2002)…
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Communication Infrastructure and how it was affeted by Huricane Katrina
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Download file to see previous pages The national communication policy focuses much on the improvement on all the communication services so that everybody is served as fast as possible with the aim of improving the relation and the connection between individuals in different places. In order to achieve this, the national communication policy has placed more emphasis on the service providers to ensure that they restructure their services to meet the future challenges in communication sector. The policy recognizes that the role played by the communication system is vital since it affects the whole economy and hence most government policies would be based on the ICT policies (World Bank Group, 2002). The role played by the ICT is very important in all the other sectors of the economy since any effect in the communication sector results into the direct or the indirect effect on the other sectors of the economy. This can be either direct like in the E-commerce and the companies that have multinational operations may also be affected. It is therefore the role of the government to formulate those policies that aims at improving the communication systems. The communication policies also provide for the response to the disasters such that of Hurricane Katrina. There is the local mobilization of the resources by the local authorities as well as the federal so as to ensure that response is done as faster as possible to safeguard the national infrastructure against the disasters (Johnson & Turner, 2002). The military may also assist in the times of disasters though there is no direct integration of the military efforts within the communication policies. As a result, the military often join the rescue teams and the first responders as the second responders in disasters like hurricane Katrina. In order for the government to ensure that all these policies are harmonized and all the players in the sector are treated fairly, the government has established a regulatory authority to look into the conflicts and also to regulate the communication sector. The communications regulatory authority plays a vital role in regulating the telecommunications, radio and television frequency spectrum, posts and other communication careers (Johnson & Turner, 2002). This ensures that communication is effective and efficient and accordance with the law. Regulatory authority also protects the customer, service providers as well as other people involve in communication industry. It is the role of the regulatory authority to ensure that all the communication systems are in line with the modern technology and hence helps the customer to link with others in the international scene. The provision of radio and television spectrums is important since they ensure there is no mix up in the communication from the many providers. In trade, the communication regulatory authority also assist the businesses by identification of the barriers to trade and hence formulate policies that would ensue free and ease of movement of goods and services from one region to another (Johnson & Turner, 2002). The investments from other nations as well as from domestic are regulated by the communication regulatory authority. In this way, it formulates and implements a policy that does not only make communication easy, but also provide opportunities for trade. Increasing Security and Protection Communication plays an important aspect in the development of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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