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On Commercial Photography's Impact on Modern Visual Culture - Essay Example

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Interpreting Images in Forms of Photography Introduction The different types of photography have continued to grow in impact throughout time. These different forms have not only altered with techniques and subjects used, but have also changed with the way in which many spectators have viewed the photography…
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On Commercial Photographys Impact on Modern Visual Culture
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Download file to see previous pages The cultural influence which has altered the way in which photography is viewed the most is the commercial photographs. There are also public photographs which have intertwined with various ideologies for different level of influence. However, the movements within photography intertwine together to take a specific approach to creating and capturing the perfect image for a given subject matter. Impact of Different Types of Photography The impact of commercial photography is one which has grown since the early 1900s, specifically with the focus from corporations. The first concept of the photography which was used was based on the corporate image and the approaches which were required for those working in this specific field. The corporations were known for having difficult work pressures, specifically with the growth of the industrial age. Work stations, factory style lines in the various places and the need to reproduce mass amounts continued to be a main component with the corporations. To alter this, photography and advertisements were added into the mix, specifically which was able to present a different image to the consumer and change the focus of the internal environment. The image presented was then one which was based on value of the product as well as the overall environment of the corporation (Brown, 2008). The initial impact of commercial photography then led to the idealization of cultural production. The images which were taken became significant in creating a sense of identity of the product, image of the corporation and the response which was associated with society. The concept of cultural production was based on the outlets which were presented with the photography as well as how this was associated with the idealization of individuals. Fashion, food, sports items, cars and other high – end products used commercial photography to create a sense of identity in culture. From this, many began to respond with imitating the photography and being a part of the cultural production. The photography then not only painted an image about a specific corporation, but also related to and communicated with groups in society which may have been interested in the brand product (Frosh, 2001). The second concept associated with photography is the public photograph. This particular image is one which is similar to the commercial image, specifically because it captures groups, individuals and different components which make up society. Usually, the images are associated with making a statement about what is occurring within the public and is based on creating a level of accountability or recognition through the picture. The impact of this is based on the needed communication for a given situation while bringing awareness to the public arena. When the photographs are displayed, an individual is able to see the reality of the situation and becomes engaged with the public issues. Within this particular photograph, there is the ability to create an icon with a specific aspect of society. The importance of this comes from creating public judgment while responding to situations based on the level of communication that is a part of society (Hariman, Lucaites, 2003). The concept of public photography is important in terms of creating a set of private images that would be seen in a given segment of society and making them into a public spectatorship. The impact which this has is based on the sociological response which is created from the image and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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