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CASE STUDIES ON TERRORISM I. Red Brigades The Red Brigades (Brigate Rosse) is an Italian terrorist group representing ideological terrorism. This group strongly adheres to the Marxist-Leninist perspective in political ideology wherein it started during the 1970, founded by Renato Curcio together with Alberto Franceschini and his lover Maargerita Cagol…
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Three Case Studies on Terrorism
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Download file to see previous pages Basically, their objective during that time is to destabilize Italy through vehemence. Because the said group (red brigades) was adhering on the political beliefs of Marx and Lenin, they strongly rely on the fact that they could change the government system as well as structure through revolution, thus, it inevitably result to chaos and riots. During their early year of existence, they already damaged factory equipment and in their third year, they had done lots of felonious acts like robberies and kidnappings. In 1974, the terrorist group had already done high profiles of crimes like kidnapping and bank robberies which is sort out to be their source of living. This are the ways which they find means in acquiring their money for survival, though allegedly, they rarely kill person unless politically motivated, then, they just used other person as an instrument to gain money. One of their declared goal is to assault the heart of the state which is the State Imperalista delle Mutinazionali (SIMS) because their perceived their state as an imperial assemblage of multinational corporations. Because of this advocacy, they showed their protest though violent acts that could threaten the state’s security during the next years like the kidnapping of the NATO deputy chief of staff at Southern European land force, James Dozier and the assassination of Marco Biagi, an economic adviser. According to Martin (2003), the Red Brigade an approximate 14,000 number of violent acts with a total of 75 murders because of political reasons. Looking at the facts gathered, one of the reasons primarily why this group was established is because of an ideological influence of Marx and Lenin. As we have notice what was mentioned above, one of the founders belong to the department of sociology wherein political theories concerning state and society was prominent. This could be a factor that shaped the mind of Curcio and the other students to form groups that could change their society and it can be achieved faster through revolutions and violent actions. Thus, as Crenshaw (1981) state “individual psychopathological is often blamed to be the malefactor” (380). This could be a big and strong factor that could contribute to a social change through organization that can also attract other people. The mind-set of the leaders was already shaped by the circumstances and external influence that they perceived to be right and that would be the Marx and Lenin perspectives. For me, I do not personally disagree with someone who wants to adhere to certain ideas and perspectives, what may be somehow erroneous for this group is the exaggeration in the interpretation of violence. Though they rarely kill person, still, the other means employed to obtain their objective could not be also right. Like for instance, cases on drug trafficking, how could this group relate drugs on changing the political system that Italy had and also, to eradicate the Imperial Corporation that is believed to be the main component of their societal and political structure? Also, their high profile of crimes seems to be ambivalent with their main goals. As Crenshaw also identifies in his book ‘The Causes of Terrorism’ the phrase: “If we focus on terrorism directed against governments for purposes of political change, we are considering the premeditated use or threat of symbolic, low-level ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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