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Foreign Oil. America Must Remove Its Dependence on Foreign Oil In Order To Preserve Its Future - Essay Example

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Global economy is a term we have come to learn and lean on. An idea rooted in great intention leading to a greater evil. With globalization we are avoiding the largest threat on our economy and way of life…
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Foreign Oil. America Must Remove Its Dependence on Foreign Oil In Order To Preserve Its Future
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Foreign Oil. America Must Remove Its Dependence on Foreign Oil In Order To Preserve Its Future

Download file to see previous pages... America must remove its dependence on Foreign Oil in order to preserve its future. However sometimes it appears like every effort to solve the issue leads to more problems. This is because alternative sources of energy proof to be too expensive and not cost effective. Everyone in America including average person should have a potential to make a contribution to the solution. The average person in America in trying to solve the oil dependency problem starts through education in schools and university. Students can be taught on the impacts of foreign oil dependency on the countries economy. University lecturers can also engage in research that can b help in coming up with cheaper sources of energy and incorporate students in such research according to Greenberg (2007). The community needs to be sensitized on the dangers of oil dependency in their homes and be encouraged to use other alternatives which are cost effective. The average persons such as experts in matters of energy can educate the community through meetings on how to use solar or wind as sources of energy. These experts also need to write books, magazines and other form s of literature on the disadvantages of using foreign oil as the only source of energy. Companies need to generate news stories demonstrating to the ordinary people on how to install renewable energy sources in their homes. Local groups need to come together and sensitize people on the issue of global economy resulting from dependency on foreign oil. Local groups should mobilize public opinion against national policies and commitments which favor the use of foreign oil The average person can also contribute the problem by encouraging reduction on the use of oil as source of energy. Individuals should reduce oil consumption at homes by increasing the use of solar energy and wind energy. For instance solar energy can be used as source of power for television, radio and lighting. At the places of work the use of oil as source of energy can also be reduced by the increased use of solar energy which is readily available during the day. There is also the need for everyone engaged in the transport industry to recognize the dangers of using oil as the sole source of energy. Vehicle owners can engage in oil use reduction techniques such as reducing the use of personal cars and embark on public transport as suggested by Chiras (2010). This way, the rate of oil consumption in America is bound to decrease. Researchers should also find an alternative source of energy for vehicle. For instance, David Blume who is an organic farmer provided a proof of ethanol alcohol being a reliable and renewable source of fuel in vehicles which reduces the dependency on oil. There is a need for individuals to engage in alternative energy sources which take over the dependence of oil as source of energy. The use of solar energy as an alternative source will help remove the burden of foreign oil. In order to develop this, it requires the government to rationalize tax thus providing a commercial feasibility. Though the cost of developing and implementing alternative energy sources like the solar energy may be high, it is the initiative of everyone to find the best way to apply this method. The average person such experts in matters of energy can generate information that demonstrates the way people can install solar technologies and advantage of net metering programs in workplace. Those familiar with the market transformation to renewable energies like thorium nuclear energy need to educate others on the importance of using them. According to Congress (U.S.) (2010), the ordinary peop ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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