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Oil and us foreign policy in middle East - Essay Example

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OIL PRICES AND US FOREIGN POLICY IN MIDDLE EAST Date Introduction US Foreign Policy in the Middle East is strongly tied with its interest of oil in the region, and more so, preserving interests with major social and cultural powerhouses in the region…
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Oil and us foreign policy in middle East
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Download file to see previous pages Significance of Study The Middle East is one of the most strategic places that have attracted many nations from most parts of the world with regard to both commercial and political interest. Middle east is actually at the centre of world attention and always captured on the global news bulletin all around the world for both political social and economic reasons. This shows that Middle East is a key partner in the global economy. Its role in the global commercial and political ties cannot be undermined. Oil and petroleum are key element in the economies of all the nations of the world and changes in economic trends for various nations are often linked with changes in the oil prices in the world market. The major reason is that petroleum products are a major source of energy for both household and firms in all parts of the world. Cars, motor vehicles, airplanes and many machines rely heavily on fossil fuel as a source of their power. Thus, the demand for petroleum products is almost constant and increases steadily as global demand rises. The United States is then submerged in crude oil. Up from 2008 to 2013, domestic oil production in United States went up by 2.4 million barrels in a day this was the biggest in the country’s history. ...
q or Saudi Arabia still have a big impact. That is one conclusion of a major new report by a commission of former generals and senior officials, backed by Securing America's Energy Future (SAFE). Wallander Celeste in his article explains that many experts who have worked for the U.S. government believe that there has been careless talk in the recent days that America can now ignore Middle East1. These middle east nations have come together to consolidate their power by forming the Organization of petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) which provides the oil producing nations a strong bargaining power to negotiate for the best deal in their commercialization and sale of crude oil. OPEC sets the production quotas and support in the provision of earning levels and standards for producing nations. This goes a long way to determine the prices of petroleum products. It is worthy to note that after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the bipolar global ideological war ended and the United States and the Capitalist West emerged as the global leaders1. Currently, the United States leads the global economic order. Due to this, the United States plays a vital role in putting in place measures to ensure that OPEC and other nations are meeting all necessary requirements to ensure a reasonable and stable price for crude oil. Since the United States plays a fundamental leadership role in dealing with OPEC countries the volatility of Middle Eastern nations causes major fluctuations in oil prices, there is the need to understand the foreign policy of the US in the Middle East. The essence of this study is to identify the main ways the United States keeps oil prices stable to maintain stable oil prices. This will provide significant information and guidance on the core indicators ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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