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Justice and mercy are both fundamental to civilized human life. If we are to continue to live in an ordered and supportive world - Essay Example

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Justice and mercy are both fundamental to civilized human life. If we are to continue to live in an ordered and supportive world, both justice and mercy are required. However, if we were forced to choose either justice or mercy, pick one only and why? If we were to pick one between justice and mercy – justice would always take the lead…
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Justice and mercy are both fundamental to civilized human life. If we are to continue to live in an ordered and supportive world
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Justice and mercy are both fundamental to civilized human life. If we are to continue to live in an ordered and supportive world

Download file to see previous pages... What is even more significant is the fact that justice shall prevail when the chips are down, when the required actions are nothing else but the ones that are reliant on the notion of justice alone. Justice remains a very fundamental part of every society of the world, and this has been proven with research and solid evidence coming to the fore. This paper takes a keen look at the manner in which justice is fundamental to a civilized human life. The first and foremost argument in the wake of supporting justice is based on the fact that justice is central to reaching conclusions which are based on an ethical tangent. This has been proven with research which is implied through the Act IV of King Lear where gods were conscious of justice in the wake of avenging the death of Gloucester through killing. The ethical debate therefore stems from the Act IV of King Lear where emphasis is paid on the justice tangent more than the facet of mercy, which seems like a missing premise. The ethical and moral discussions are being discussed more and more with the changing business dynamics and it would not be wrong to suggest that this is similar to how life’s different situations arise every now and then. ...
There would always be the justice element that will save the day for the people. The second argument that is used within the context of this essay and which focuses on the tangent of justice is how it has been a great leveler amongst the people. They look up to the different forms and mannerisms related with justice to seek long term and constructive results. The society believes that justice is the end result of long standing issues and people should be treated in the same light no matter how difficult or trying a circumstance or situation is. The Act IV of King Lear believes in the dictum of justice and hence the manner in which it has been pinpointed within the Act is something that draws its basis from the society itself (Author Unknown, 2005). The balancing act comes within the people when they believe that justice would form the cornerstone of their success as well as that of other people who are doing their bit by being fair and incorporating equality in the society. There seem to be a number of manifestations in line with this discussion of justice being a great leveler amongst people from varied segments of the society. People believe that justice would bring them to a common ground, or a platform which will erase away their worries and tensions, make them stand head to head with the offending party or individual and ask for justice right away. The incorporation of the same however does take a lot of time, which is indeed remarked as a negative within the related scheme of things. The third and final argument here is banking on the discussion of the collective good of the society itself. If the society believes that justice can pour in positive ramifications for all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Justice and Mercy Are Both Fundamental to Civilized Human Life. If We Essay)
“Justice and Mercy Are Both Fundamental to Civilized Human Life. If We Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/environmental-studies/1415668-justice-and-mercy-are-both-fundamental-to.
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