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We cannot not communicate. This is the beauty in communication. It is what makes it complex. More often than not, a person would insist to be left alone and think.However, he or she would seek another person to unburden himself or herself of problems …
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Download file to see previous pages In its most basic definition, communication is the process in which an element (message) is transmitted from a source (speaker) to a listener through a channel. There are four levels of communication: intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, and mass mediated. Related to this, the prefix “intra” means from within, thus, intrapersonal communication is communicating with the self. This is said to be the foundation of our communication skills. When one knows “thy self”, he or she will not have difficulty entering the next level of communication which is interpersonal communication. When a child is forbidden to socialize with neighbors, he or she will definitely have the tendencies to become shy and aloof and eventually becoming a loner. Interpersonal communication becomes very difficult to manage even at this point. Interpersonal communication can be divided into two: dyad (two persons) and small-group (three to seven). At this point, the basic communication pattern that exists is the transferring of information. This is called the asking-giving information process. Primarily, what people ask each other during the first meeting is somehow demographic: name, age, school enrolled in, course, etc. If person A has not been trained to see or socialize with others, it would be difficult to manage even the simplex dyad A would experience in school or any other place for that matter. The most perfect example of a group communication is what exists in the family. A family which is open and constantly communicating with one another can resolve problems faster. Public communication is coping through with what we need to do every day, say in the classroom, at the office during meetings, etc. On the other hand, mediated communication is one of the easiest ways to communicate with people who are from afar by the aid of technology. One of the dangers of mediated communication is that it is not a face to face communication unlike interpersonal and public communication. Sincerity in communication is very important, thus, non-verbal cues also play a very important role in communication. But why do people communicate? The answer could any be of the following functions of communication: utilitarian, therapeutic, recording-transmitting, and affective function of communication. According to Heath lecture, there are three meta-theories mentioned: rules, systems, and critical/cultural studies. I would like to discuss in this paper the meta-theory on rules. According to Heath, people learn to communicate because they have learned the rules of the game. At this case, communication is the game. As we all know, there are certain rules in communication. We must remember that there are six elements in communication: speaker, listener, message, channel, noise, and feedback. In order for communication to become successful, a correct feedback must be given by the listener. That is why, when the source of the message speaks, the receiver listens. That is the basic rule. We cannot talk at the same time, otherwise, we may not be able to resolve a thing. Furthermore, Heath added that people make strategic choices in their communication behavior because communication is a “game”, people learn its rules and strive to behave in ways that conform to those rules. A good example for that is when we are meeting a particular person for the first time. The very first thing we do is to ask information about this person. So he is Japanese. Would a hand shake be polite? The other person is Middle Eastern. What could be a polite or impolite gesture? When we learn something about the people we meet allow us to prepare ourselves with the mechanics of communication. Moreover, doing so will consequently put us out of trouble. Have you ever wondered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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