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Digital Technology and Cinema Culture - Essay Example

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The intervention of digital technology into the culture of cinema has always been exhaustive with new dimensions and perspectives given to the cinema and its usage. …
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Digital Technology and Cinema Culture
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"Digital Technology and Cinema Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Let the paper analyze some of the specific examples that had some direct positive impact over the cinema culture and its horizon. The simplest example is that of video editing that comprised extensive efforts and demanded a huge amount of money before the technology entered the market. However, with the digital revolution, the visual effects tools made it easier for the filmmakers to manipulate the video in any form they wanted with desired animation and other editing. In 1984, computers such as Macintosh came in the market that were specially designed to have a graphical user interface, these were first ever of its kind that penetrated into the world of cinema giving it even more fame and multiplicity (Willis, pp.7, 2005). More tools such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash and all the other kinds gave more horizon to the cinema culture and gave the filmmakers access to perform multiple tasks with perfection and novelty. The sequences of images, special effects, distinctive colouring, imaginative animations and much more merely became possible with digital technology revolution (Willis, pp.7-8, 2005). It helped the cinema culture attract and gain more audience as compared to the earlier decades. Subsequently, when producing a film became comparatively hassle-free, more people started investing in this business and thus, the number cinemas grew with an increasing film being produced every year with the use of digital technology. Apart from the latest technological tools used by the cinema industry, the inventions such as newly-designed cameras and video-capturing tools that had modernized elements with specially designed features and functions made the videos look a lot more fascinating and compelling. On the contrary, cinema might have assumed new venues of popularity and fame due to digital technology and its implications on the cinema culture but, on the other hand, digital technology penetrated in the market in such a fast pace that people became more interested in buying those technologies and making them a part of their aesthetically designed house. People started enjoying their micro cinemas at home rather than taking out time and going to the proper cinemas outside their comfortable houses (Lister, pp.22-23, 2001). The preference of buying techno products such as plasma screens, advanced audio speakers and other appliances became more preferable and a status quo than being interested in going to the cinemas to watch movies and other shows. It is possible that many of us must have heard about Marshall McLuhan’s popular phrase Medium is the Message. McLuhan, quite reasonably and with valid points, suggests that the medium that is used to convey any type of message or information holds a significant importance in the pace of that information being carried to the receivers (Yamamoto, pp. 500-501, 1998). It depends on the medium that is used to convey a message, that how long would it take for the message to reach to its targeted audience and how far would the message go. Thus, the influence of the message is not the message itself but, the way used to send it. This means that the receivers or the intended message focus more upon and take more interest over the kind of medium utilized. Their preference depends upon how effective is the medium and how much do they like it. The acceptability of the message is thus a later factor. In the same way, it is said that cinema comprises those elements that lure and attract the young generation more than any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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