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Case Study Analysis - Essay Example

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Course – BA Hons Business Administration and Management Year – 3rd Year/Final Year Module - E-Commerce Assignment Title - Case Study Analysis Name Date Table of Contents ABSTRACT The emergence of latest tools and technologies has offered a lot of facilities to the businesses as compared to traditional business arrangements…
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Case Study Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The company has a web site which provides an overview of the business but it does not encompass any e-commerce related activity. Seeing the importance of e-business in today’s business world, the top management of Panfore electronics, Inc has decided to establish a new web based business or ecommerce platform that will be helpful in managing the business dealings and will offer better business market status. This new dimension of e-commerce for the Panfore electronics, Inc will bring better competitive advantages. 1- INTRODUCTION Many aspects of the way corporations or individuals perform their operations and compete in the current period will be determined by means of huge network of electronic networks that was emerged as the information thruway but now it is known as the Internet (Turban, Leidner, McLean, & Wetherbe, 2005). Basically, the internet is a large network of networks that is used by the millions of corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals to carry out their everyday work (Shelly, Cashman, & Vermaat, 2005, pp. 11-12) and (Norton, 2001). The rapid growth of information technology (internet, e-commerce, information systems etc) during last few years has greatly influenced the corporations. Additionally, at the present, e-commerce has become one of the most significant features of the Internet which has appeared in the recent times. Normally, electronic commerce (e-commerce) refers to the implementation of business over the internet with the help of PCs those are connected to each other in the form of a network. In more simple words, ecommerce is the process of buying and selling (products, goods or services) using a digital infrastructure (Hendershot, 2011) and (EcommerceEducation, 2007). The basic purpose of e-business is to help establish a business that be executed over the Internet, or using Internet systems and technologies to enhance the prosperity or production of a company. On the other hand, this term can be used to explain some type of electronic business: specifically to express any company that makes use of a computer system. This practice is rather old-fashioned, though, in the majority cases e-business denotes wholly to Internet businesses. In more simple words, e-business refers to the process of offering and selling products, goods and services using web. Thus, corporations can use e-business to reach at a great deal broader customer base as compared to some customary retail shops with everlasting substantial sites could always anticipate. In this scenario, the role of e-business is acknowledged as ecommerce; however both ideas are used identically. There is another fact about e-business, that is, it can be used to get access to the across the border products or supplies for domestic production. In this scenario, e-business is acknowledged as e-Procurement. In this way the corporations can reduce their expenses radically. Moreover, a lot of e-businesses that work without having an electronic business platform at the present make use of e-procurement as a main method to effectively follow and run their purchases (McGuigan, 2011) and (Ray, 2004). Panfore electronics is among one of the major suppliers of power management solutions, such as eco-reactive chargers for notebooks, laptop computers and mobile electronic devices (for example PDAs, mobile phones, digital cameras, and so on.). Additionally, Panfore ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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