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Are cell phones really dangerous to people? The involvement of technology in all aspects of social and economic life has been a key characteristic of our era. This involvement is reflected in various daily human activities; in the communication sector, the use of technology has allowed the elimination of time required to share views and exchange information on various issues…
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Exploratory Essay
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the terms under which the access to cell phones has been permitted to teenagers have been reviewed – taking into consideration the fact that people of this age are less likely to pay attention at the risks related to the use of cell phones – as highlighted in relevant academic studies. At this point, the following problem has been identified: children have often access to cell phones with the permission of their parents. This trend is extremely dangerous especially since scientists have set severe restrictions regarding the potential use of cell phones by children – but these restrictions seem to be ignored by most of people worldwide. At this point the following problem appears: are cell phones really dangerous to people? This problem has been explored through a series of relevant studies. It is proved that cell phones can actually harm the health; moreover, it seems that the risks for health can be severe for people of all ages. At the next level, it has been made clear that the ways in which cell phones can affect the health of humans can vary; the direct use of cell phone may be less harmful compared to the residence near a cell phone tower. Dr Vini Khurana studied the effects of cell phones on health; his research led to the following findings: ‘the use of handsets for 10 years or more can double the risk of brain cancer’ (Geoffrey 2008). In the above study, emphasis is given on the fact that certain types of cancer can take quite long to develop – even up to a decade; therefore, the above study – having lasted for such period - provides a precise estimation of the potential effects of cell phones on brain. Another important finding of the study of Khurana has been the following one: cell phones can be more dangerous from smoking; the above finding indicates the level of risk related to the use of cell phones but also the level at which cell phones intervene in daily activities having led to the development of addiction similar to smoking – as this problem is revealed through the study presented above. The various aspects of the danger of cell phones for human health are analyzed in the article of Kovach (2007); in the above article reference is made to the findings of the research developed by George Carlo, a medical scientist who has spent years on studying the effects of cell phones – both of handsets and cell phone towers – on health; his research lasted from 1993 up to 1999 and reveals a series of important aspects of the health risks related to the use of cell phones. The key findings of his study could be summarized as follows: a) cell phones are not tested as for their risks for health; they enter the market without any testing, as a result of a legislative gap of the period when these devices appeared – the 1980s, b) cell phones can cause severe problems of health, even death, since they are involved in the continuous transmission of waves which can adversely affect the bio-field of humans (Kovach 2007); it is possible for this reason that cell phones have been also related to the changes in the DNA of their users – as also highlighted below. At the next level, in the article of Chow (2008) reference is made to three specific problems of health which have been related to the use of cell phones: the limitation of male fertility, the increase of risks for cancer and the increased risk for the health of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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