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Public Administration Theory application - Essay Example

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Running header: OHIO HIGH SCHOOLS AND THE NEED FOR CHANGE Ohio High Schools and the need for change; public administration and the implementation of organizational theory in Cleveland March 10, 2011 Ohio High Schools and the need for change Abstract Public administration of public schools is a necessary approach and the subject of much debate…
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Public Administration Theory application
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"Public Administration Theory application"

Download file to see previous pages Included in the paper will be a theoretical perspective of the problem and theory selected. Various areas that may be specifically impacted and a problem analysis addressing the rates of graduation and test scores, additionally a solution analysis will be included with hypothetical returns based on current observations and available data. Ohio High Schools and the need for change Public education in Ohio In the school year ending in 2006 approximately 74% of all students in Ohio high schools graduated with a regular diploma. One contributing factor in this may be the earnings gap that exists with those not graduating generally making $10,000 less annually. (Alliance of an excellent education, 2009) In a 2008 report by the Americas Promise Alliance education group found that there was a large disparity in urban graduation rates versus suburban graduation rates, Columbus Ohio for instance averaged 40.9% graduation rate while the suburban districts had an average graduation rate of 82.9% showing a glaring disparity in the two geographical areas. (Swanson, P.h.D, 2008 p. 12) This glaring disparity does bring the idea that there may be race related issues as well, though it is likely it is simply the result of economic changes and geographical location. As can be seen with the available information there is a difference between urban and suburban locations and school districts. Overall scores in the state of Ohio increased in the school year ending in 2008 from the school year ending in 2000; however, these scores were down from the school year ending in 2006 from 92.9 to 92.3. (Ohio Department of Education, 2008) More importantly the disparity in graduation numbers still exists, which while the test scores are improving the reduced graduation in urban areas remains a problem. There have been local attempts at improving the level of education and rates of students graduating specifically from Cleveland Ohio. One of those efforts encompasses the philosophy that living away from home may in fact assist with the student’s ability to learn. Educational Options LLC., offers a private solution for a public issue. The founder Ms. Simon offers a service which locates educational opportunities for teens with learning disabilities, from oppositional behavior through Autistic Spectrum Disorders. (Simon, 2011) Organizational theory, symbolic interactionism relating to the disparity of rates Symbolic interactionism as a theory focuses on the individual versus the more general societal implications of organizational theory. Within the public school system specifically within the Ohio High School public education program this approach would be a positive benefit. Sociologist Herbert Blumer defined the theory with three core principles. The first was meaning which states that humans act or react based on the meaning they have given those people or things they are reacting to. The second was language, which allows humans a means to negotiate through the meanings they have devised for the objects or persons. This further allows the basis for society as we understand it. The third principle is thought, each person’s thoughts changes the meanings of the symbols and or language. (Nelson, 1998 np) This administration approach applied within the school system would allow for a more specific approach which could assist in preventing the large disparity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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