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How oprah helped shape and is a positive influence on our cultural identity - Essay Example

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How Oprah Helped Shape and Is A Positive Influence on Our Cultural Identity Oprah Winfrey is more than just a talk show host and a worldwide celebrity. She is also a business mogul, a tycoon, an advocate, and a philanthropist. She had successfully used her celebrity status to her advantage—to not just promote her businesses but also to promote her social causes that are dear to her heart…
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How oprah helped shape and is a positive influence on our cultural identity
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Download file to see previous pages First, she changed how the people perceive talk shows as a form of entertainment. Usually, people see talk shows as that sort of “Jerry Springer Show” were people who have nothing much to do poke fun at one another in scandalous manner, or make fun of other people like the ‘Tonight Show’ variations. But with the “Oprah” show, it became an avenue for educated, informative, and positive discussion about almost any subject matter that makes sense, things that people should know about, or should care to know about. Oprah elevated, in a way, how people perceive talk shows in such a way that Oprah even paved the way—provided the platform even for most of the talk shows that we have today. Secondly, it was her idea to give the audience a quality television show that would give value to her audience that would educated her audience and empower them. She even went so far as to produce other talk shows to provide aspiring hosts the avenue to reach out to connect to wider audience. And now, she has launched her own network, which is beside her magazine and other media enterprise. Oprah as an Advocate Besides making great money with herself as the brand, she also used her celebrity status to further her causes. ...
through livelihood programs and helping young African children through her school in Africa that caters to giving full scholarship to orphan and girls from poor families. And third, as part of the cultural minority, Oprah is also a political advocate. She openly supported President Barrack Obama in his presidential campaign because she believed that Obama represented change—not just political change in terms of platforms but cultural and social change because Obama would come down in history as the first African American President to be elected in office. And that I think is very symbolic because that meant the maturity of the American people in terms of how they perceive people of color. Oprah as a Philanthropist As a philanthropist, Oprah had given so much back to the community, not just to the American people through her lavish gifts—i.e. “Oprah’s favorite things”, donations, charity works, have also been a constant part of her life. Her school in Africa like I said has been a tremendous helped for the girls in that nation. In the country, during the hurricane Katrina, it was Oprah who was one of the many celebrities who used her celebrity status to raise fund and rebuild the affected communities. Other causes she champions includes raising funds and awareness to AIDS campaign, that is besides giving yearly Christmas gifts to deserving people which she surprises by inviting them as her audience to her show. Living Legend Oprah Winfrey is more than a celebrity, she is a cultural icon. She is a living legend; an American mover who has helped shaped and changed American culture in so many ways. Indirectly, she have helped elevate the entertainment industry on how people perceive talk shows and paved the way for a new class of talk shows that is more mature, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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