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Andrew Landers Project - Essay Example

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The paper describes an experience with the Andrew Landers Project a folksy blues musician who would not normally be listened to. Better understood in the paper will be the music type, location, when the concert occurred, a background on who performed and my reactions to it…
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Andrew Landers Project
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that music is the air we breathe and the water in our rivers. Listening to music that is different then what we would normally listen to is important to expand our knowledge and to learn appreciation. The researcher states that Andrew Landers is a musician who writes his own music and practices a mixture of folk and blues with a percussive approach that leads one into the music and works hard to keep them from leaving. On his website, he writes that he loves hot wings and his “hot” wife. He goes on to describe his family of 5 boys and one Cinderella and then partially describes his playing style and what he uses to play. In this case, he works specifically with acoustic guitars and depending on the venue or his mood he will use one of three that he has. (Landers) Influences for his music range from Johnny Cash to Jack Johnson and his music does have a very Jack Johnson vibe to it. This essay discusses that this group the Andrew Landers Project also includes a talented pianist Matt Podschweit. A little more background would be nice, however, given what he sings about and how he approaches the audience says as much or more than a bio ever could. The concert had more than just these two involved though this is their normal retinue. Unfortunately, I do not recall the other names involved at the concert as the musical experience made it easy to forget the introductions.
Music Type
Folksy blues music is not always easily understood. Folk music can be defined as music from the mouth, singing music. And is a popular approach to music around the world. With some musical accompaniment the individuals sing stories and tales. Blues is a music form that originated with the African Americans in the United States, it is a form of music used to convey the hardships and passion experienced by them and is commonly seen as an evolution of the West African musical approach. (The blues 1) The mixture of folk and blues brings an earthy sense to the drifting, haunting musical qualities that make blues popular. The Andrew Landers project does a very good job of bringing the music together with the message and ensures a pleasurable experience and with a true blues approach. With every new song it becomes apparent that his musical styling’s are very much influenced by the popular Jack Johnson who is also a master at using music to tell a story we can all relate to.
Location and time of concert
The concert itself was February the 4th 2011 at the Redstone Room in Davenport Iowa. This venue is located on the second floor of the not-for-profit River Music Experience building and allows seating of 250 persons. (Redstone Room 1) The Redstone Room allows a very intimate approach to music and is a perfect venue for a folk/blues musician such as the Andrew Landers experience. The concert itself was a great mix of intimacy and tonal qualities that made it difficult to leave when it was over. In looking back it seems that if he was in a larger venue it may be easy to lose the genuine feeling his music and approach allows in this much smaller yet still classy environment.
If you are a music lover and have a chance to stop in Davenport Iowa make sure you check out one of the acts at the Redstone Room, it is an experience that cannot be duplicated regardless of your experience. With a great coffee shop in the ground floor and some refreshments available it made it an all-around beautiful experience.
Personal observations and opinions
The song “A son of a preacher man which I resemble” was played and it immediately garnered my attention. As he sings through the tonal lyrics the accompanying guitar work makes it difficult to turn away. The lyrics themselves were light enough to easily enjoy and still put a deep message across, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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