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Early Modern Poetry, Comparative Analysis The poem “Against love” (Famous poets and poems) was written by Katherine Philips in the 1600’s (luminarium). She was born to a merchant from London and was an educated woman. Katherine was of a young age when her father died and her mother took a new husband a few years later…
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Early Modern Poetry, Comparative Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Hers was an arranged marriage that may well have been the reason behind her ideas of love which can be seen in the poems that she has penned. Katherine Philips works were more or less centered on the Society of Friendship where she befriended women who appear a number of times in her works (Carpenter, 2003). According to her writings there seems to be a suggestion by Philips that the love that was between the women was a form of love that was free from corruption and was as pure a form of love that could be attainted. There have been numerous poems that have been written by Katherine Philips about her relationships with women earned a lot of distaste however modern feminists have praised her for the manner in which she has portrayed women. Mary Wroth was born to the first Earl of Leicester, Sir Robert Sidney in 1587. Wroth had a number of writers in her family who may have had an impact on her writing (Louisiana State University Press). Mary was married off to Sir Robert Wroth in 1604 who was considered to be a favorite in the eyes of King James I. The marriage did not get off the ground and Robert Wroth was known to be a man of immoral standing but he was also a wealthy man. His standing in the king’s court brought some benefits to his wife who was invited to the court more often. Mary Worth wrote the romantic prose The Countess of Montgomeries Urania. The particular poem that will be looked at will be “Love peruse me, seeke, and finde” (Poetry Foundation). Wroth wrote Urania to relate the story of two lovers, Pamphilia and Amphilanthus. However, some e of the poems were a narrative of the dealings in court and this caused quite a commotion (Millman & Wright, 2005). Mary was also a mistress to her first cousin with whom she had two illegitimate children making her the centre of a lot of criticism (Maggs). Both the poems, Against love and Love peruse me, seeke, and finde are love poems. Katherine Philips wrote her poems in the 1600’s while Mary Wroth wrote her pieces in the late 1500’s. The gap between the time when the two women wrote their works is not too much and the lives that both led have affected the manner of writing. Against love by Katherine Philips refers to the romance and love and criticizes the emotion (Reocities). Love here is referred to as Cupid and loves use of cheating toys. Katherine points out that love gives grief’s and paints a picture of joy and pleasure. This poem shows the criticism of love and those who fall into love; there is a critique of those women who allow for a man to take control of their lives through the idea of love and thus put the chains around their own legs (Barash, 1996). There is a constant use of rhymes at the end of each line. The ending word of each line is made to rhyme with the last word of the next line and thus creating a sense of a constant rhythm. The imagery that is portrayed by the poem does not seem to be intense though the thoughts are certainly provoking. Katherine’s prose uses quite a critical tone and the imagery makes one portray two lovers where the man is both the weaker and the stronger individual in the relationship. A man is one who seems to be a loner and does not seem to share an emotional connection with any particular women. The use of figurative language is quite extensive; the start of the poem is with a metaphor for love with Cupid. The hopes and feelings that follow the idea of love are considered by the writer to be cheating toys. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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