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Summer words of a sistuh addict - Essay Example

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This study will present a critical poetry analysis of the article "Summer words of a sistuh addict”. In the article, the author intentionally plays with this aspect of poetry, making the lowest of slang the language for communicating important ideas. …
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Summer words of a sistuh addict
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Extract of sample "Summer words of a sistuh addict"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the language of poetry is usually very complex – poetry is seen as something that should not be for the masses, but rather is something to only be appreciated by the select few who have the keys to unlock the literate language they are written in. This makes poetry a “literate tradition that ... [are] culturally constituted tools” which create and exacerbate striations in society. It is, in this understanding, important for a poet’s works to be inaccessible because accessibility implies lack of thought and complex ideas – essentially if a piece of art is of value it should have to require a certain level of education in the tradition of that art to comprehend. “Summer words of a sistuh addict” reverses this understanding entirely. By using slang language of the people who often face struggles with addiction, Sanchez reverses the usual dichotomy of the literate being able to understand poetry while the less literate cannot. Suddenly, the literate find their training and education in literate language a hindrance to their understanding of poetry – they do not understand what is meant by “shot up / behind a feeling against her”. They must ask questions like: how can something be behind a feeling? and does “against her” refer to against the mother? This demonstrates to the literate reader the hierarchy that the literary language of poetry often establishes against people not privy to that secret language, by making the literate reader try to work in someone else’s preferred language. ... terate reader the hierarchy that the literary language of poetry often establishes against people not privy to that secret language, by making the literate reader try to work in someone else’s preferred language – it reverses the usual hierarchy and turns the oppressor into the oppressed, at least for the length of a poem. Sanchez’s use of slang also demonstrates the importance of connecting appropriate language with a certain type of subject matter. Technical languages are incredibly important to clear communication. A doctor trying to communicate important issues regarding a patient’s health without recourse to a specialized language would find it nearly impossible, and people would suffer. So it is important in many fields to use the appropriate language when discussing a specific issue, failing to do so will inhibit understanding and hamper communication. When looked at through the lens of technical language, “Summer words of a sistuh addict” creates some interesting discussions about the use of literate language in poetry. By eschewing the usual poetic language, Sanchez breaks away from the technical language of poetry, which draws attention to the fact that it does indeed operate a specialized form of language. But using slang to talk about the issues surrounding drug addiction in the “sistuh’s” society makes the reader question whether it would be appropriate to rely on the literate language to talk about this issue. If slang, like literate language, operates as a form of specialized language, a technical language of some kind, then should it not probably be the best language to talk about the problems of poverty and addiction? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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