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Social Psychology Paper - Essay Example

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Social Psychology Paper – Meeting with Advisor Class Name Street address: Zip Phone number Email address Instructor Name Introduction For this assignment, we have been provided two example meetings (shown in the appendices) between a student and advisor…
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Social Psychology Paper
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Download file to see previous pages We are to define the terms, map the terms to excerpts from the examples, and then correlate the reasons we selected those excerpts to those definitions. Terms to define and understand Confirmation Bias Balez (2008) defines confirmation bias as something that occurs when people project their expectations on one another and the other reacts in the way that person is projecting. This is commonly referred to as the "Pygmalion effect" (Overview section, para. 1). If one expects the best from another that is what one will receive. Conversely, if one expects the worst treatment, this is what one will receive. In the second scenario it was stated, “Though disappointed, he tried to hide it because at least she seemed to care for the students and it wasn’t really her fault that so many students showed up at the same time” (Example 2, 2011). Because Jonathan believed the best in Dr. Jones, he looked for ways to defend her behavior in cutting the advising sessions short. Additionally, Jonathan thought, “at least she seemed to care for the students” and “Dr. Jones was impressed with Jonathan’s maturity” (Example 2, 2011). External Locus of Control A person's perception of the source of his or her fate is termed locus of control. Those with an internal locus of control believe they are in control of their destiny or what may or may not occur in their environment. Treven & Treven (2011) describe those guided by an external locus of control as being guided by something outside him or herself. Externals faced with a stressor are more likely to be stressed, passive, and defensive. “She tried to disguise her disappointment and anger because her advisor cared too little for his students to allow enough time to meet every student for the time they needed” (Example 1, 2011). If Jessica had given much thought to the timing of their sessions, late in the term, a long wait, she may have realized that there would be concerns with the time frame. Both students were affected by the timing of the session being shortened and in being disappointed. However, Jessica was affected from an external standpoint and became angry and appeared “rude and incompetent” to her advisor (Example 1, 2011). Fundamental Attribution Error Per (2011), the ability humans have to attribute the cause of events to one thing or another exists because humans have a need to explain the world, in their own mind and to those around them. This helps each of us to feel like we have some sense of control. When explaining behavior, it can affect the standing of people within a group. When another person has erred, we will often use internal attribution, saying it is due to personality factors. When we have erred, we will more likely use external attribution, attributing causes to situational factors rather than blaming ourselves. Antello, Prilipko, & Sheridan-Pereira (2010) define fundamental attribution error aaccording to Heider from 1958 as "observers attribute characteristics to actors on the basis of the actor's behavior" (Literature Review, para. 4). “Upon entering the room he was disappointed to hear Dr. Jones say she was running late with his student meetings and would have to get done in 10 minutes and there was only time for last minute checks of her schedule” (Example 1, 2011). “Because her advisor cared too little for his students” (Example 1, 2011). Jessica refused to take responsibility for her situation by getting angry. She ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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