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Developmental Psychology - Research Paper Example

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Developmental Psychology Professor Institution Date Abstract Psychology is one of the most important fields that have led to various development and improvements human in life. Study of psychology has ensured security as well as descent social and emotional relations within our societies…
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Developmental Psychology Research Paper
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Extract of sample "Developmental Psychology"

Download file to see previous pages The paper will also discuss the roles or research on evolution of developmental psychology as well as roles of ethics in research of developmental psychology. Developmental Psychology Developmental Psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with the changes that occur in human beings as they transpire from childhood through to adulthood. Such changes are measured in close consideration to emotions, social, economic, cultural and cognitive aspects of human development. Developmental Psychology came into existence in as early as 19th century and mainly focused on studying the processes and stages of child development. One of the most commendable and worthwhile figures who contributed to the historical sprout and strength of the Developmental Psychology was Charles Darwin. Darwin used his theory of natural selection to explain the factors that drives human physical and psychological development. Charles Darwin testified that every developmental change occurring in human must be effected by environmental factors surrounding the particular human being (Berk, 2010). Right from childhood to adulthood, human beings learn to adapt in particular environmental conditions and practices due to the pressure exerted upon them the concepts of selection. As argued by Darwin, human emotions, social and cultural behaviors are all dependent upon the activities taking place within the surrounding environment. Darwin’s contribution in this developmental theory of psychology insists on changes in human development as the only ways that shapes individuals behaviors in conformity to the demand of the environment that eventually leads to survival. The choice for Darwin is due to his exemplary presentation of the famous theory of natural selection and linking it to the concepts of the human development to result to succinct and conclusive finding on how developmental changes are dependent on environment. Another remarkable figure in the history of developmental psychology was Jacques Rousseau. According to findings by Rousseau, human development occurred in stages characterized with time frames in the growth process. Rousseau found that children are born with innate and natural knowledge that unfolds as the child grows. Some of the knowledge and understanding among children are also gained through various interactions within the environment and usually guided and controlled by the child’s interest. Jacques Rousseau also discovered a very idea that children are born innocent and with fair minds but get destroyed by the society. The choice for Rousseau has been fanned by his disclosure of explicit steps that children undergo in their developmental process and how society effects their psychological changes. Rousseau is also genuine and reliable due to his presentation and assurance that children are usually born innocent and fair and only gets corrupt as a result of the environmental influences. Jean Piaget is another figure who immensely contributed to the growth of the Developmental Psychology. Piaget insisted that child’s cognitive power advances alongside development. Piaget also links child’s development with biological factors as well as environmental conditions surrounding the particular child. According to Piaget, successful development must occur across four stages. The first stage occurs from birth to eighteen months and known as sensorimotor stage. This initial stage witnesses development of senses and perception power of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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