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The selected patient called Mrs. Wilson, aged 61 years, is a widow and has been living alone for the last five years in her apartment situated at Staten Island, New York City, USA, after the immediate demise of her husband Mr. Wilson…
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Spiritual Assessment Of Mentally Retarded Patient
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"Spiritual Assessment Of Mentally Retarded Patient"

Consequently, she underwent emotional collapse and mental retardation. She hired the services of an attendant at her residence, but no signs of recovery could be found in her mental and physical condition. Now she is being treated at the local Trinity Healthcare Center, where she would receive spiritual and psychological treatment from the team of professionals. “It would be very hard to find a nurse who saw only the physical aspect of care as that which defines nursing. We all know that when a person is hurting emotionally, all sorts of physical ailments crop up. On the other hand, physical conditions can affect the mind and spirit.” (Hutchison, 1997: 4) Hence, FICA Spiritual Assessment Tool is being applied in order to explore the mental illness of Mrs. Wilson for her complete convalescence. FICA serves as an imperative tool for the spiritual assessment of the patients in order to cure them from spiritual and psychological disorder. The medical advisor concentrates upon the nature, influence, community and application of the patient’s faith in order to pacify and soothe him in the light of his religious and spiritual beliefs. “The connection between spirituality and medicine”, Puchalski observes, “has been receiving a lot of attention in both the scientific and lay presses recently, but research and anecdotal evidence all indicate that spirituality is central to the care of the chronically ill and dying.” (2006: 10) Consequently, almost all therapeutic and healthcare centers take spiritual needs of the patients into serious consideration in order to rescue them from emotional trauma on the basis of their spiritual needs. Mrs. Wilson’s Faith and Spiritual Needs: The researcher, on the basis of the case history of Mrs. Wilson, asked her whether she considered herself as a religious or spiritual person. Mrs. Wilson admitted that she was Christian by faith and was born to a Catholic family. On enquiry, she also admitted that she did not give due heed to her belief because of her financial, professional and domestic engagements. She also informed the researcher that she had never been a regular visitor of church; on the contrary, she attended religious activities on few special occasions only, which included Easter, Christmas and few feasts attributed to the saints. Importance and Influence of Faith: Mrs. Wilson claimed to be a spiritual person, as she aptly heard the call of conscience and virtue deep in her heart; consequently, she used to offer charity and donation to the disabled persons and orphans through non-governmental and charity organizations. She endorsed the very reality that religion maintained imperative significance in her life. Since the noble teachings of St. Perpetua had left indelible imprints upon her mind, she felt great relief by studying the marvelous sacrifices made by her. She also sought support from Heavens to get cured immediately, which revealed her strong belief in her Creator. During treatment, she repented for neglecting her religious obligations and cursed herself for dropping her prayers and meditations to God. Mrs. Wilson’s Community: Mrs. Wilson had been a modern lady, and served as a market analyst in her professional life. She had been involved in her profession Read More
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