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Compare and contrast the difference between a psychotherapy threatment and religion - Literature review Example

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The notion on which psychotherapy treatment is based emphasises integrating the methods with spiritual values to the client, with regard to their mental health…
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Compare and contrast the difference between a psychotherapy threatment and religion
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast the difference between a psychotherapy threatment and religion"

Download file to see previous pages However, the psychotherapy treatment intervention is highly based on the psychologist’s dealing with the clients by stating them their level of independent competencies required for coping. Moreover, psychotherapy treatment involves various theoretical methods as well as the behavioural assessments of the patients. Nevertheless, in religious therapy, intervention plan is highly dependent upon the patient’s willingness to cope with health disparities, difficulties, and sacrifice (DeRubeis & et. al., 2008).
Correspondingly, the approach of psychotherapy treatment mechanism is regarded as the process, which works on developing interpersonal interventions to mitigate the mental health problems of the patient. Besides, the approach of the treatment helps to develop the social well-being of the client in the most effective and rapid manner and reduce the discomfort that they face. Moreover, during the course of treatment, practitioners utilise various techniques, which is based on enriching the relationship as well as the communication and changing the behaviour that will likely contribute to improve the mental state of the patient. Similarly, intervention of the therapy is highly based on the problem of the patient, as some of the therapy highly focuses on changing their current behaviour whereas, other mechanisms emphasise over determining the previous issues and resolving the existing problems. Nevertheless, the approach of psychotherapy treatment undertakes mental health issues including bulimia, depression, anger management, anxiety, phobias and chronic pain among others (Ritchey & et. al., 2011; Combs & Romm, n.d.).
Apparently, the means of religion therapy treatment also plays an integral role to eradicate the issue of patient conditions and prove to be effective as a form of therapy. It is in this context that the means of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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