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Outsourcing garments and the supply chain Introduction _1 Sourcing _1 Critical path_5 Conclusion_6 References _7 Introduction The object of this paper is to discuss the functioning of a retail boutique to cater to women who fall in the age range of 18-30 years and are looking for extremely wearable but fashionable clothing which is also affordable…
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Download file to see previous pages This leaves six months to address sourcing issues and manage transportation from the manufacturers. However it should be kept in mind that the place will be rented and is ready but being in London metropolitan, it is extremely expensive greatly adding to management costs. Sourcing Fashion is a fast, complex and tricky issue. Supply of quality products which are up-to-the-minute in fashion and also affordable is the demand for success in the fashion world. There are four main stages of the supply chain which include designing, manufacturing, distribution and selling. (Leeman, 2010). Since manufacturing the garment requires many additional resources, it is common practice of most brands to outsource the garment manufacturing process and same is intended for my boutique. The store will follow a variable range plan like market greats Zara and H&M. There will be a range of garments but they will be broadly divided into two basic types, the timeless staple garments and the ever changing fashionable wear. Different supplier and manufacturer decisions will have to be made about these two types of ranges. The basic, staple and timeless range will have a longer lead time and since it will not evolve very fast the time factor is not very important. What is important however is its cost competency and it will be highly beneficial if it is sold at a lower price than that of competitors. Therefore suppliers will be found in distant Asian and African countries where energy and labor is cheap and therefore cost effectiveness can be achieved. The country that is chosen for sourcing the manufacture of wardrobe staples like tank tops, leather jackets, denim and tights is China. Most of them are normally manufactured and sold in basic colours so emphasis on details of colour and design will not be an issue. The fashion forward range is aimed at trendier customers. Timeliness is of great essence there as it has to cater to those customers who change their wardrobes at every change in fashion trends. For these products, factories and suppliers should be located near the stores and therefore factories in Europe would be outsourced the manufacture. Since the factories will be near the design centre in London, designers can be extremely particular about the designs as is required by customers. As these factories are near, the transportation and distribution time is greatly reduced and timely delivery to stores is made possible. There will also be a third couture line of products which will be custom made, limited edition products which will be place very high on the price range. For these products, a small design and manufacturing space will be required which will be located in London suburbs preferably at the place where designing is taking place. This signature couture line is expected to add to the core competency of the boutique and timely delivery will be ensured because of close proximity. Since cost is not an issue for this line, therefore the raw material will be sourced from the best suppliers in London only. For this boutique the designing is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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