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Every person or a graduate for that matter has their own ambitions and aspirations regarding the jobs they wish to pursue. In this regard there are two jobs that I am eying for once I graduate; Work with the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and World Vision International…
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Graduate Career
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Download file to see previous pages Serving in the ministry whether in Nigeria or in their foreign missions is okay with me but I would wish to work abroad. I am a person who likes travelling and meeting new people and this job would offer me the best chance to do that. I believe I am well suited to perform tasks in the ministry basing this on my academic credentials. I am currently pursuing a bachelor degree at Greenwich University, London in Politics and International Relations to end in 2012 and I also have a Diploma in Law acquired in 2005 from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in many occasions deals with political assignments between countries (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria 2011). This is basically the role that is centred in international relations and the other part of my degree covers this fully. The ministry also acts accordingly through the understanding of international law and that of the land i.e. Nigeria. In this regard my law diploma comes in handy to offer the required background knowledge. It is important to note that this position will require me to have ample experience in international relations of which am short of. My plan in order to eliminate this gap is to apply for internship programs in related areas within the time I will be doing my degree. Hopefully it will be a foreign affairs ministry or other relevant organization. The current employment state has been plagued with institutions and organizations asking for experience from job applicants mostly ranging from 2-5 years. I therefore seem to have quite a mountainous task to clock the minimum experience requirement for the current job market. The other huge requirement lies with the need to acquaint myself with a number of languages that come in handy in the international platform like French and Spanish among others (Vsesoi?uznoe 2006). Language barrier is the biggest obstacle when dealing internationally and one needs to have knowledge of as many languages as possible. Looking back at the passion I have for this kind of job, I believe the task ahead is achievable with the required amount of effort and dedication. Applications are sent in their thousands to the ministry and to get an appointment one needs to have skills and experience that offer a considerable level of competitive edge. On the side of skills am planning to enrol in a law class to further my diploma in a college in London particularly to study International Law. World Vision International The world has been dogged by many challenges ranging from poverty, disease and natural disasters (Jones 2006). It is here that World Vision International comes in to alleviate people from such suffering by offering the necessary humanitarian assistance and advocacy (World Vision International 2011). In community development initiatives World Vision concentrates more on poverty and people’s welfare more so that of children. This Non-governmental Organisation is the other that I wish to join after my graduation. It is centred on helping the less fortunate in the society and the world at large. I am a charitable person and it is my wish to see the world being a better place through my direct efforts. World Vision in this case offers the best platform for me to exploit my knowledge and expertise in helping these kinds of people. I may wish to concentrate more on the African plight and Nigeria in particular. Helping people who are in need and enabling them to cross to some level of comfort is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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