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LANDSCAPE REHABILITATION Name Instructor Course Date Landscape Rehabilitation Introduction The land set for rehabilitation is the Blackpool China Clay Pit near St Austell. The Blackpool tip and pit spot is an area inside the china clay mining area near St Austell in Cornwall and proximate to the Wheal Martyn China clay museum…
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Download file to see previous pages Currently, the area is filled with water and disused from the excavations and the pits. The pits on the site have served as a dumping area for wastes for many decades and would require restoration. The restoration of the site will include removal of the excess water in the pits, filling the pits and planting appropriate plant species to improve the soil stability. The Strategic Context The Formulated Objectives i. To provide of an expert report on the means to rehabilitate Blackpool working area. The plan would provide procedures to realize a full reclamation and maintenance of the region. ii. To explain and the principles behind each technique employed in the process to foster understanding amongst the planets. The explanations would advise on the appropriate criterion by identifying the merits and demerits of each criterion and need for its implementation (Liddle, 1997). iii. To utilize the conventional models of reclamation on degenerated environments. Setting of the Site The Plan Layout Retrieved on April 24th 2012 Site Plan and Design Design Considerations The Landscape Plan Goals To provide a strategic context for the plan would require the inclusion of created and approved objectives. The planners must also consider the incorporation of the local community in the selection of the site to use and the necessary facilities. To provide the feasibility framework for the rehabilitation will demand a plan for the site layout and the approved locations for landscaping, the phases of work and the procedures. The wildlife considerations will target the increment of the plants’ species diversification. The variation will additionally increase the number of the native animals’ populace that the Blackpool mining site can tolerate. Eventually, the other concern worth incorporation is the preference of the users. This consideration will define the entry point of the site and the order of entry and an arbor structure will be located at the entrance (Heywood & Carver, 2006). The Physical Reclamation Design This plan targets the creation of a conducive environment for the public into the Blackpool and creates a woodland feel within the urban setup. Plants should be located and accumulated to direct views and provide avenues in the space between the rehabilitated site and the Clay Works. The plants should be installed in natural arrangements. The plan should avert straightforward rows or formal procedures of planting trees. Limited groupings of similar plant species should offer the reigning pattern (Hawke & Jose, 1995).The planners have to consider reason for rehabilitation to provide a tentative guideline. The need for rehabilitation should direct the rehabilitating team on the areas to emphasize on with respect to the objectives. The availability of resources has to be addressed and considered as one of the critical facets for the success of the rehabilitation process. There has to be adequate finances to fund the process by hiring or purchasing the heavy machinery and tools together with the plant operators employed. The personnel involved in the rehabilitation process have to be competent and conversant with the geological and environmental issues. The ownership of the land is essential for consideration because the ownership ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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