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Employees Emotions and their Job Performance - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Employees Emotions and their Job Performance" highlights that Dental Care Alliance can make certain adjustments in an effort to improve the professionalism and the performance of the employees. The facility can achieve this by offering systematical training to its employees…
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Employees Emotions and their Job Performance
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Extract of sample "Employees Emotions and their Job Performance"

Download file to see previous pages Employees do not have the capacity to control their emotions and exhibit the required working attitude. This contributed to customer dissatisfaction with their services. Managers are also unable to control their emotions by exhibiting emotional intelligence. These findings call for numerous adjustments if the Dental Care Alliance is to achieve its goals of providing a remarkable customer experience. Systematic training can offer employees the relevant knowledge and skills in an effort to improve their performance. Introduction of the reward systems will motivate employees to register exemplary performance. The Dental Care Alliance should also define strict rules and high-performance standards that employees should conform to at all times. The managers need training on emotional intelligence as well as psychological counselling and seasonal evaluation programs.
In order to prove highly competitive, businesses are becoming aware of the need to understand customer satisfaction levels. This is especially the case in the service industry whereby customer satisfaction depends on multiple factors. Notably, in a product business, the quality of the product is the main determinant of customer satisfaction. However, in the services industry, the quality of the service depends on the behavior of the service provider and eventually the service itself. One of the businesses in the services industry that will receive attention in this paper is the dental health care. Experts recommend that individuals should visit a dentist regularly. Moreover, the emerging needs of people concerning tooth care have contributed to the popularity of the dental healthcare industry (Alan, Baldwin, and Amrik 209). The Dental Care Alliance is one of the entities in this industry. Worth noting is the fact that this company has been making efforts of remaining competitive in the industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employees Emotions and their Job Performance Research Proposal.
(Employees Emotions and Their Job Performance Research Proposal)
Employees Emotions and Their Job Performance Research Proposal.
“Employees Emotions and Their Job Performance Research Proposal”.
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