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Lexicon: The Methods of Adding New Words to a Language - Research Paper Example

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This paper examines some word formation mechanisms as an aspect of lexical knowledge. This research tells that lexical knowledge is a multi-dimensional concept whose importance in language development has been adequately documented by researchers and linguistics…
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Lexicon: The Methods of Adding New Words to a Language
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that lexicon is the aggregation of all the words and phrases that are used in a specific language. A person’s lexicon refers to the range of words or phrases that a person knows in a particular language and varies from one person to another. Lexical knowledge is, therefore, the knowledge of one’s lexicon in a language and may involve mastering the different meanings of words and phrases, their different lexical categorization and the relationship between the different lexical categories. In linguistics, the individual words are known as lexemes and their collection is known as a lexicon. It is like a wordstock. According to Plag, it is important to master one’s language lexicon as it allows for more flexibility in terms of communication, understanding, and interpretation of a message. Combining lexical knowledge and grammar, which are the rules governing word use in a language, leads to proficiency in a language. Most importantly, lexical knowledge has aided in the formation of new words languages. A growing language is essential in this globalization era. To facilitate communication between people from different geographical locations, it may become imperative to coin, borrow and even assimilate some foreign words into the native language. This paper investigates the various mechanisms that are used by linguists to add new words to a language. The paper will be loosely based on the Arabic and English languages. A lot of research has been conducted on word formation and the importance of lexical knowledge in expanding a language. Presently, there are a lot of scientific and technological developments. These developments are global and so are their effects. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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