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This research will begin with the statement that experiences teach man the importance of staying rooted and humble. The author’s experience of preparing and appearing for the Math 1105 exam last semester, has left him humble and extra cautious for a lifetime…
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Self-Criticism for Attempt of Cheating
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Self-criticism for attempt of cheating
Experiences teach man the importance of staying rooted and humble. My experience of preparing and appearing for the Math 1105 exam last semester, has left me humble and extra cautious for a life-time. I have learnt that no matter how honest you are, the world will see you only according to the norms that are set in society. I am not surprised that the values of honesty and integrity that I have been following all through my student life have been challenged. Rather, I welcome the opportunity as a challenge for me to prove my worth in the eyes of the authorities. As it is, such chances come rarely and I only too unhappy and distressed by the fact that I have been doubted for cheating or using unfair means in the examination.
The sequence of events as they unfolded in my life is confusing and hilarious, since all through I was busy preparing for the examination. Although I deeply regret my callousness, I also would like to take this opportunity to explain my predicament. I consistently have good grades in studies and there is no need for me to use cheating to pass any examination. The biggest mistake that I seem to have made is leaving behind a set of note cards in my calculator while preparing for the paper. In my hurry and dedication towards the subject, I ended up in the examination hall with the notes right in my calculator, without me being aware of it. My only aim and intent during the exam was to stay sincere in my journey of solving the problems in the question paper. In no way, had I any intention of using those note cards present in my calculator.
A chance discovery by the invigilator revealed to me the presence of these notes. I have always been critical of tech-savvy students taking undue advantage of the gadgets that they are allowed to carry in the examination hall. I am also aware that in separate studies, it has been found that 34% of the students in examination halls resort to carrying notes in their gadgets like cell phones, graphing calculators, and laptops (Anderman & Murdoch, 47). The allegation that the invigilator made on me, therefore, looks too real to be refuted. However, I am also aware that when there is a major mistake on the part of a student like me that has been committed, the authorities will give me a chance to explain myself, understand my predicament and not consider me liable for penalty.
It is very unfortunate for me to have been so careless and unbecoming, especially when I have the rare privilege and honor of studying in an institution of high esteem. My carelessness of leaving the notes un-removed from my calculator by the time of the examination is something that I cannot forgive my own self for. However, I would like to clear my records by stating that I have always been holding good grades, and have never been found cheating or using unfair means in examinations prior to this. We uphold the values of the high order education the College gives us, and I with deep regret in my heart, promise to ensure that nothing of this sort happens ever again in my studentship here and elsewhere. It is a promise for a lifetime, and I sincerely hope that my record and honesty shall move the authorities to consider me in a favorable opinion. Once again, my sincere apologies!

Anderman, E.M. & Murdock, T.B. (2011). Psychology of Academic Cheating. Massachussetts: Academic Press. Read More
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Self-Criticism for Attempt of Cheating Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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