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Cell Phones in School - Essay Example

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This study will present the advantages and disadvantages of allowing the use of cell phones in school, a major policy issue involving children, school authorities and parents. This paper illustrates the example of total freedom and total ban on the use of cell phones in school…
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Cell Phones in School
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Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that during schools hours, students need to ask permission from their teacher to call their parents or guardians and even those calls they can only make for a valid reason.  But John and several of his classmates often use their phones to cheat during exams. John was a bully by nature and used to send inappropriate or threatening messages to several boys and girls.He was encouraged by the fact that he was not caught cheating and also that others were afraid to complain to the school authorities regarding such behavior. Jean’s school had a strict policy against bringing phones to school. One day her bus broke down while returning from school. Her parents became frantic, since they could not locate Jean, and were only relieved when she arrived home three hours later than usual. These are illustrations about the advantages and disadvantages of allowing the use of cell phones in school, a major policy issue involving children, school authorities and parents. The original purpose of this device is to communicate through voice or text. But over the years, rapid development in technology has transformed the bulky mobile phone into a sleek and multi-faceted instrument. There is no point in describing the various uses it can be put to use simply because they are known to most people familiar with it. But to be brief, the modern day cell phone can be used as a camera, to access the internet, to store data, and play/view multimedia content. Moreover, technology advancement in hardware has enabled manufacturers to bring down the size of the instrument to a large extent. In other words, it would be easy for a resourceful student to hide a phone from being detected by the school authorities. The question is here is whether the individual school policy should ban, freely allow or allow use with strictly monitored restrictions. The argument is for the last of the three options mentioned above. Supporters of the total ban have these objections to say. One major reason provided is that sending SMS's is a distraction for the student when classes or going on. Studies show that children between the age of thirteen and seventeen were the highest users of texting (both inside and outside the classroom) with an average of nearly four thousand per month. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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