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Identify the Individual - Assignment Example

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The person that the paper will reflect is Leasa Rice, a former significant other. She first laid eyes on Leasa in the summer of 2009 when she moved in across the street from her current home. One day Leasa and she were both working on our lawns manicuring both the grass and shrubs.  …
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Identify the Individual
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Download file to see previous pages The chemistry felt surreal. I could instantly feel the attraction which was thick and exciting. After the formal introduction, we parted ways but not for long.
After about 2 weeks of passer-by greetings, I decided to ask her for her phone number. This was the beginning of escalating, and intense daily phone conversations which lasted about 1 week. The daily conversations were enduring and after the week session, we had our first dinner date at a nearby restaurant. The date would be the beginning of a more personal relationship that consisted of us frequently visiting each other's homes.
The relationship began to become more serious as we spent more time together. After about 3 months of steady dating and meeting each other’s family, we took our relationship to another level. There was no denying that my feelings for Leasa were deep and passionate, so after dating for approximately 3 months, I decided to ask Leasa to be my girl by dating each other exclusively. Leasa stated she felt the same way and hence a monogamous relationship formed.
Over the next year, we grew closer and the relationship deepened. We began to spend nights at each other's houses and ceased all phone calls from former lovers. However, one night as Leasa spent the night an old friend of mine called just to check in. Our relationship was never serious but we decided to remain friends. Even though the phone call was one of an innocent nature, Leasa grew jealous and we had our first real argument. We had disagreed before, however, this particular argument went on for hours and we stayed up all night arguing then making up. We grew closer that night and our relationship entered a new phase.
Although Leasa seemed to be tailor-made for me, there were some significant differences in some core beliefs. Leasa wanted to get married before moving in together and wanted to start a family immediately.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Identify the Individual Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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