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Role of Teaching English in Saudi Tertiary Education - Coursework Example

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This paper “Role of Teaching English in Saudi Tertiary Education” presents the detailed overview of teaching techniques in the English language for Arabs, issues influencing mastering of the language, pioneering approaches, corrective steps, importance of analysis of language setbacks etc.
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Role of Teaching English in Saudi Tertiary Education
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Extract of sample "Role of Teaching English in Saudi Tertiary Education"

Download file to see previous pages English is the most favored language even within the areas where the home language is believed to be as vital as the traditions. However, when it adds up to the “link language issue”, it is English that takes care of the concerns of cross-cultural contact.
In particular, “Teaching of English as a foreign language is always difficult” (Al-Zaid, 1982). As it comes to the regions, where English has an extremely inadequate function it turns out to be further essential as well as conscientious to educate and become skilled at it. The teaching of English language within the Gulf States on the whole and Saudi Arabia specifically takes the concentration of a lot of investigators as well as academicians mainly when the concern is mainly linked to the classroom conditions.
Teaching of English in a good number of technological academies of Saudi Arabia provides two functions: (1) it supports the basis of English and (2) afterwards sets the foundation for particular English, which will be utilized during the years of the learners' area of expertise, for instance, commerce, medicine, information technology and so on. “English teaching is taught even at the school levels” (Abd-el Wassie, 1971), although it does not benefit from an as much vital component within the set of courses as in several other developing nations.
In spite of a good scheduling, purposive set of courses, appropriate course books, competent professors as well as efficient management, the teaching-learning procedure at times appears to be unproductive, particularly the case of expertise improvement is not considered as adequate as it ought to be. In this regard, a study may be verified to be somewhat supportive towards exposing the real foundation, as well as the development of a number of productive and well-matched policies of teaching English as an overseas language. It is generally supposed that the poor outcome in English is mostly because of the conventional approach to the education of English “right from the school level” (Kohls & Knight, 1994). During such a state of affairs, the idea of Hybrid education “can be proved to be at least of some help” particularly when all the efforts to develop the condition of English become unsuccessful or useless.
As revealed previously, English has been accepted by more or less every ethnic group and it is not restricted any longer to the countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America as a large amount of the individuals who apply English as a way of contact exceeds a lot more than the quantity of the individuals who converse in it like their mother tongue. The example of India is an accurate case in point. There are a lot of other countries in which English has an enormously significant function in the general growth of the nation, and “Saudi Arabia is one of them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Role of Teaching English in Saudi Tertiary Education Coursework.
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