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Connect the Dots Activity - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper, Connect the Dots Activity, stresses that the reporter's recall being able to participate in organizational retreats and one such instance was joining the ‘Connect the Dots’ activity where the moderator told us to be prepared for a psychological challenge…
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Connect the Dots Activity
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Extract of sample "Connect the Dots Activity"

Download file to see previous pages With the ‘Trust’ activity, we each were required to allow being pushed and without further resistance, let ourselves fall to be caught by the persons at the back for support. By nature, it was more physical whereas it took some mental focus to answer the principal question in ‘First Impressions’ as each of us looked hard on the blank white paper with a small bold dot in the center.
I preferred to join in these activities knowing a friend who managed to derive from such events deep motivation to change some of the negative traits she had not been able to deal with successfully in the past. Like her, I have had trouble with social affairs yet these activities demonstrate an individual’s need of self-awareness in order to communicate with people under better circumstances where there emerges an improved degree of understanding.
In the ‘Connect the Dots’ activity, I was surprised to have missed the flexibility to think beyond the set directions. Because I got concentrated with the simple instruction of connecting the dots and failed to realize that I could extend the line, the assessment showed that I used to be confined with the kind of thinking or perspective I put myself into regardless of unseen possibilities. Similarly, the other two activities presented congruous results indicating my inability to trust and how narrow-minded I was with my initial judgment.
My adult learning experience is significantly different from that of childhood in the sense that despite potentials or innate skills and academic knowledge, the activities chiefly aim to measure characteristics that have to do with a rather serious issue of human sensibility and maturity of well-being. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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