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Activism - Essay Example

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It is an effective tool for getting the attention that one needs. When art is integrated with social and political issues it is called “art activism”. Although art activism connotes subversive action, it does not…
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Download file to see previous pages The purpose of art activism is to be heard collectively. Its major focus lies on the issue at hand and not on the artist as an individual (Cohen-Cruz, 2002).
Art activism moves people through what they see. It stirs up something inside the viewer to do something. It was a medium that has been used by many to change the course of history. Art activism can be expressed in many ways. The examples are many; the Harlem Renaissance in 1919-1929, it was an early depiction of an African-American activist art. There was Angelina Grimke’s play “Rachel”, the stage was used to be heard clearly that everyone is equal, regardless of color and race. In 1917 Lenin used the colorful festivals to advance his agenda in Russia. These are just few examples of the power of Activist art (Cohen-Cruz, 2002).
Artistic skills can be used to attract the attention of the public; it is an aid for the public so it can look deeply on social and political issues. Concert for example can be used to promote peace on war stricken and famine stricken country like Africa. People respond to the message of the music, it touches the hearts of its hearers. Art has the capacity to move the audience to reevaluate the accepted views. It can direct by consent and not by force as someone puts it (Cohen-Cruz, 2002). Having declared everything, I want to move on to the proposal. To use arts in order to get people’s attention; and to make them see or understand, and to persuade them to get involved.
I asked people about what they think or feel on specific subjects. Majority of people I asked are having difficulty on expressing their thoughts regarding certain issues. I find it even difficult extracting from them what they think about what makes them proud or what makes them happy and what will make them hate themselves. They even find it difficult to complete sentences like “I am satisfied when I (……), I hate myself when I (……), and I think self confidence is (…….). When I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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