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Family Life Studies - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper stresses that Annie (not her real name) is a licensed practical nurse with one of the local hospitals in the metropolis.  When she entered the healthcare profession ten years ago, she did so as a nursing attendant – assisting in the transport of patients from one unit to another.  …
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Family Life Studies
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Extract of sample "Family Life Studies"

Download file to see previous pages Family plays an important role in Annie’s life. She got married right after high school when her boyfriend got her pregnant. Her parents were conservative Catholics and prompted her to marry her boyfriend despite her very young age. Her parents were, however, still very supportive of her plans to go to school and they helped care for her baby while she worked and attended some nursing courses. Her husband was also very much supportive and got a part-time job while also attending some college courses. Both sets of parents were supportive of Annie and her husband’s efforts to work and support their child. Annie and her husband lived with Annie’s parents for three years while they were studying and working part-time. When Annie finished her practical nursing course, she and her husband moved out of her parent’s house to an apartment near her parent’s house. It was convenient for them to live near her parent’s house because they could easily drop off their child to be babysat whenever she and her husband had to go to work. Annie’s and her husband’s family played a crucial role in their life, as well as in the life of their daughter. Their family was their support system. They encourage them when they felt the hardship of juggling parenthood, work, and school responsibilities. They made the struggle easier and less of a burden. They were there to provide financial support when it was needed and to challenge them to be better parents for their child. Their daughter was a constant source of inspiration for both Annie and her husband. Whenever both of them felt exhausted after a long and hard day at work or at school, coming home to their child always made their sacrifices worthwhile. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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