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USC Law School Personal Statement - Essay Example

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This paper declares that for a freshman at USC, the university offers a program where undeclared freshmen get enrolled in two courses coupled together. Having always enjoyed history, the reporter chose the course group that included History 200 and Law 200. …
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USC Law School Personal Statement
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Extract of sample "USC Law School Personal Statement"

Download file to see previous pages The reporter highlights "as a relatively naive and callow freshman, I envisioned myself eventually pursuing a career in business, simply to appease those who incessantly questioned me regarding my major and future profession. Nonetheless, I, fortunately, maintained an open mind and after my first few weeks of Law 200, taught by the legendary late USC law professor Charles Whitebread, I realized that I had discovered my passion. From reading cases on my own during the classroom discussions, I found myself frequently checking the clock, wishing that our current discussion regarding child law or the 4th amendment would continue indefinitely.
However, much to my chagrin, although I had finally found a subject that truly captivated and excited me, USC did not offer an undergraduate law program. Being disappointed and still having an undeclared major, I once again maintained an open mind. Transferring into USC’s prestigious business school could wait; I wanted to continue exploring my options of study. After over a year of exploring, and now because of mounting pressure from even USC to finally choose a major, I made the best educational decision of my young life. I chose to pursue not one but two majors, a double major in political science and economics. After my declaration of double major, I am astounded by my intellectual and analytical development. Before choosing my double major, I accepted the lessons of my classes and professors merely at face value. For example, if I was taught to approach an issue or problem in a certain way, I would learn the method for that approach and then merely regurgitate that method. This form of learning actually proved successful for me throughout my high school and early college years. However, my economics and political science double major forcefully developed me into an analytical, questioning, and most importantly, active learner." ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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USC Law School Personal Statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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