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English Study - Essay Example

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The author of this paper "English Study" comments on the dissertation devoted to the study of the English language. To be precise, the author is interested in phonology, phonetics and sounds among others as all these aspects may cause difficulty for Arabic speakers in learning English…
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English Study
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Extract of sample "English Study"

Hello, Dr. XXX I want to let you know that l have met with Dr. XXX and we have discussed my s for next spring. Also, we have talked about my plan for the dissertation, but our conversation did not end with a particular topic. I do not have a clue yet about the topic I want to research on. However, I have told Dr. Hempelmann that I am interested in phonology, phonetics and sounds among others. My interest stems from the fact that all these aspects may cause difficulty for Arabic speakers as they learn English.
Some of the questions I intend to answer include: what is the reason for their difficulty when they pronounce in English? Why do they sound like a foreigner? Does Arabic L1 phonological system facilitate or interfere with learning of the L2 English phonological system? Do the rhythm and prosody of a language determine its patterns of stress and intonation? Do Arabic learners need to learn the syllable patterns of Arabic and English? Will they be able to pronounce English sound or word appropriately, or intelligibility? Why does Arabic speaker sounds like a foreigner? If the Arabic speaker masters English prosody, do they have native accent of English? Does mimic or video help Arabic learner of English to be as native as different between Arabic and English prosody?
Training Arabic learners to place more emphasis on the pattern of the English syllable helps to eliminate the chances of predicted errors. This can be achieved by introducing short syllable patterns and then long syllable patterns in English. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to focus on answering questions like: How can we make Arabic learners of English as sound native-like or sound good? How to improve their accent? Does learning prosody make them sound as native-like?
Why do Arab learners often make this mistake in this particular sound of English? Is there a solution, tools or technique to help them reduce the error? Is shadowing a good learning technique for fluency and developing native-like prosody?
Video and mimic can be good to master prosody. As you can see, I have random ideas and thoughts but all of them are under phonological aspects. My big question is, can I do my dissertation without participants? Read More
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