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My Only Loving Idol - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay thinks that in his life, his father is the only one who he admires the most. One significant event that shaped my father’s life and his worldview is the infamous Chinese revolution that took place in the early 60s; this phenomenon shaped the attitude, the morals, and the goals…
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My Only Loving Idol
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Extract of sample "My Only Loving Idol"

Download file to see previous pages My father worked very hard, right after he finished college because he had no other option, but to work hard and to be successful, if he wanted to continue living in Beijing. Meanwhile, my father had to start everything from zero because his father did not have any money or suggestion to give to him. And this is obviously the gift for the elder generation. Although it could be risky and challenging, my father had never given up the opportunity to maintain his own business until today. He always tells me the story about his struggling process. From these stories, it is quite obvious that my father is proud of his efforts in life and his success. And fortunately, people were given a lot of opportunities to start their own business at that time, so as to overcome the negative impacts of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Chinese government promised a lot of encouragement to the people, which were designed to help them to start their own business. It is easy to see that people in that particular generation had the spirit to be entrepreneurs. In my view, the attitude of hard work and frugality that was shaped by the phenomenon of Chinese Cultural Revolution is the main reason behind the creation of wealth in China, in my father’s generation. And this also explains why there was a lot of young Chinese people craving to start their own businesses. Working hard and working independently are the keywords for my father’s generation. Because my father grew up in a very poor family, he had nothing but himself. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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