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Seeking Permission To One Of New York Citys Theatres - Essay Example

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The author of an essay "Seeking Permission To One Of New York City’s Theatres" some parents are always very strict when it comes to checking on the friends that the young people hang out with. They never want them to go out for fear that they may find themselves in some form of danger…
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Seeking Permission To One Of New York Citys Theatres
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Extract of sample "Seeking Permission To One Of New York Citys Theatres"

Download file to see previous pages  Dad and Mum, I would like to request for permission from you to allow me to attend a movie session in one of New York City’s theatres. This movie is about important life lessons that our teacher asked us as many as we could to attend since it is showing for the first time and it’s important not only for our academic purposes but also has important life lessons for us as young people. Since it is being launched for the first time, the directors have not started selling it only, which I could have bought. For this trip, I am not alone, I am in the company of three other friends of mine, Gerry, Jobs, and Nathaniel. At the end of the movie, which will be showing from the late afternoon till late in the evening, we0o will spend at the Plaza Hotel and come back the following day on a Saturday. The costs for the trip are as indicated below. For this reason, I would also request you to help me to fund part of the trip since I can only manage the entry ticket from my pocket-money savings. In the theater, we shall be watching a series of plays that have different themes. The plays will be going down in different cinemas in the New York. The first play that we will watch is called Lion King. The movie is being shown live at the renowned Sunshine Cinema, which has a good reputation in terms of safety and quality entertainment that is perfect for young people.We will be watching the movie with our teachers, which mean that there will be no illicit behavior as it happens with some movie theatres.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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