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How Typical Students Are Prepared For The real World - Essay Example

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The aim of this essay is to discuss the recommended skills for students in the modern society. The writer claims that theA student can prepare for the real world by developing planning, prioritization and flexibility skills. …
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How Typical Students Are Prepared For The real World
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Extract of sample "How Typical Students Are Prepared For The real World"

How Typical Are Prepared For The real World Introduction The schools and colleges are crucial s that indoctrinate withrelevant skills that enable them venture into the outside world. The domestic and global markets have become extremely competitive to the extent obtaining a job has become a challenge to several graduates. While professionalism is a key determinant in acquiring a job, most organizations or industries require individuals with unique skills to work in those establishments. Some industries have complained that some of the graduates do not have the requisite skills to work in their institutions. Due to the dynamics of the career environment, Cal Poly students can learn the skills and knowledge that prepare them for the real world.
A typical Cal Poly student prepares for the real world by acquiring planning and prioritization skills. Planning is a crucial component of human establishment that assists people to manage their time effectively and to lay the foundation for carrying out certain activities. Planning empowers a student by ensuring that they set goals and objectives crucial to their well-being. Through planning, a Cal Poly student can plan for meetings, events, start a business as well as drawing out budgets for certain activities. Prioritization is a skill that helps the students focus and chose life ventures wisely. For example, a student can use prioritization skills to choose whether to further their education or venture into a career path. Planning and prioritization are vital components in my life. I have a cardinal rule in my life that states that 'planning brings success.' I have achieved several things due to proper planning setting my priorities appropriately. My parents have always approached me to plan for family events due to my skills.
A typical Cal Poly student prepares for the outside world by dealing with the inherent limitations that can hinder their progress in the outside world. For example, there are students who cannot do simple mathematical calculations or engage technological equipment. If a student wishes to succeed in the outside world, there should be a special focus on the fields where knowledge is limited. Average students should seek help and put more effort in changing their inherent circumstances in the areas of deficiencies. Technology has become a key driver of the modern economies, and failure to adapt to the emerging technologies provokes a limitation.
A student can prepare for the outside world by learning flexibility skills. It is imperative to note that global perspectives are constantly changing, and a business environment can shift in an instance. Business models and cultures are unique yet they can be altered depending on the emerging circumstances. One of my relatives has managed to work in several financial institutions because of the diverse skills he manifests. Last year he worked as a cashier in a bank, and when the bank closed down, an insurance company contracted him to become a sales agent. The flexibility skills have helped him become versatile in his career.
A student can prepare for the real world by developing planning, prioritization and flexibility skills. Consequently, a student should focus on some of the weaknesses that can curtail their progress in the outside world. Adaptation to technology, mathematics and enhanced communication skills can be influential in preparing a student for the external environment. Read More
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