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Palm Islands in Dubai - Essay Example

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The video is evident that the Palms Islands in Dubai cost a lot of money and resources. The Islands are located off the coast of Persian Gulf. The Islands are the largest manmade island in the world and are visible from space…
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Palm Islands in Dubai
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Extract of sample "Palm Islands in Dubai"

Palm Islands in Dubai The video is evident that the Palms Islands in Dubai cost a lot of money and resources. The Islands are located off the coast of Persian Gulf. The Islands are the largest manmade island in the world and are visible from space. Palms Islands are successful because of the knowledge of the Netherlands engineers. Dubai is one among the richest places in the world and it is among the top tourism attraction places in the world.
The main creation of the islands is for the tourism because the Sheikh wants to strengthen the economy of Dubai. Creation of the islands was not easy and there were moments when the project seemed impossible. There is presence of dredging ship to spray sand with utmost accuracy due to guidance of DGPS. There is placement of rocks at the edge of the islands to make the project successful. Powerful cranes are used to place the rocks carefully guided by GPS. The engineers work fast to avoid disturbance by force of nature.
The best experts of land reclamation from the Netherlands used the available resources to make the project a success. The engineers work against the forces of nature especially the storms and strong tides. One of the major challenges of the experts was to lay the sand in the water. In conclusion, they had to make sure that water circulated within the islands. The engineers manage to create the islands and address all the environmental issues. The engineers manage to finish the islands within the given time limit.
Work cited
YouTube,. The Palm Island, Dubai UAE - Megastructure Development. N.p., 2015. Web. 7 Sept. 2015. Read More
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