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Recommendation Reports: Online Discussion Collapse - Essay Example

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Recommendation reports basically give a list of recommendations, on a topic, that are informed by research and analysis carried out on the same topic. Thus the reports should have fluency by way of proper relationship between sub-headings (Jewell). In the four sample…
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Recommendation Reports: Online Discussion Collapse
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Extract of sample "Recommendation Reports: Online Discussion Collapse"

Couse 26th June Recommendation Reports Recommendation reports basically give a list of recommendations, on a topic, that are informed by research and analysis carried out on the same topic. Thus the reports should have fluency by way of proper relationship between sub-headings (Jewell). In the four sample recommendation reports provided, the discussion of each topic is centered on what is mentioned in the introduction or summary sections. For instance, in the recommendation report on bridge slabs, the introduction focusses on the major considerations for bridge constructions. Later in the report, these considerations are used to give recommendations on the designing, construction and maintenance of slab bridges. Such an arrangement is logic since the different parts are interrelated and they give flow of the report.
The reports mention several aspects of a topic and give a connection between the various issues in the reports. For instance, the NASA Education recommendation report begins by giving an executive summary which is the followed by an explanation of the systems design approach. This is then followed by a methodology on how the study was carried out and then the recommendations that came from the study. This is an example of a report that is inclusive of all the aspects that were studied. The report also gives recommendations that are very persuasive. This is achieved by basing the recommendations on the results of analyses and surveys carried out. The recommendation report on bridge slabs also has got very persuasive recommendations since they are based on the findings of studies on slab bridges.
The conclusion sections in all the four reports give a conclusive illustration of the main points of the reports. The conclusion sections gives a summary of the achievements of the reports which are the recommendations. Since all the recommendations made are based on the information in the recommendation report, then the information in the reports warrants the recommendations.
Jewell, Richard. Introduction to Recommendation Reporting. 1 August 2013. 26 June 2015. Read More
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