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Remembered Event (Male) - Essay Example

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On my way home after classes I dropped in a supermarket to buy something from food. Nothing told me that that autumn afternoon might change my being. I just wandered around numerous rows of shopping stalls and then automatically turned my…
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Remembered Event (Male)
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Extract of sample "Remembered Event (Male)"

Download file to see previous pages The fact is that I realized that I fell in love with that girl. Definitely, it was love on the spot. I wanted to help her but couldn’t even pronounce a word, for there was lump in my throat.
The girl saw my efforts and came closer. With the first sentence of her and probably due to her marvelous smile the stupor chaining me was broken. Suddenly I found my ability to speak and after that very first moment of our conversation or even before it I caught myself on the thought that that girl, her charming name was Emma, was my destiny, my soul-mate and my love for the whole life.
Probably, you may think that I am too sentimental for a male. But to my mind man’s obduration works only in the context of a single status or a one when he just doesn’t know what is love or simply doesn’t experience those feelings that I learnt when met Emma.
Thus, after that day I laid siege to Emma by the means of every possible way. Surely, my addresses were romantic ones, since romanticism had opened within me to the extent that days and nights I spent inventing plan for our dates. After some time of my tremulous attention Emma said “yes” to my proposal of relations. And we started dating. There was no doubt that it was the beginning of the happiest time of my life. At least, I thought in such a way, for I was flying high above the sky. Every day I was planning something new and interesting to make happy my beloved Emma. Time passed apart from her was seemed everlasting. Seconds and minutes spent together were the greatest happiness for us. I felt Emma was my blessing of destiny. We even had our places in parks, cinemas, cafes and just in the streets. We enjoyed each other every moment of our dates without thinking of any serious questions and issues, which were waiting for us in the nearest future.
Approximately after seven months of our romantic relations Emma told me that there was no future for us, as her parents didn’t see me as a good life ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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