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How to get rid of your babysitter - Essay Example

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There are a number of reasons that can motivate individuals to get rid of their babysitter.
Some of the reasons include persistent mistreatment of the children by…
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How to get rid of your babysitter
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Download file to see previous pages Most parents are usually at the dilemma on how to handle situations in which they need to send away their babysitter as they may not know how to go about it without hurting their feelings. Getting rid of the babysitter should be conducted in a manner that the babysitter will not feel offended or they are being sent away without any proper reason. This is because babysitters play very vital roles in the homes and parents with small children cannot do without them hence the need to take proper care of them.
The decision to get rid of you babysitter may be motivated by a number of reasons. Such include those failing to perform their duties as already instructed, mismanagement of resources in the house, being extremely demanding by asking for more pay, mistreating the children, lack of professionalism in their conduct, being rude and lacking courtesy among other reasons. In order to get rid of your babysitter, you need to come up with proper and convincing reason for wanting to send them away. Take time to observe their conduct in the house so as to establish if the mistakes being committed by the babysitters are deliberate or they are beyond their control. Upon establishing that the mistakes are repetitive in nature and are due to negligence, record the number of times in which they have been done.
The next step is to boldly communicate the reasons to them so that they will also see their mistakes. If the babysitter is from an official agency service, you need to communicate the same information to the agency so that they can be in agreement with the termination of the contract. The final step is to agree with the babysitter on the time of their departure as well as the things that they may need before they depart. These include provision of all the things owed to them as well as some of the things that they may request to go with before they go. Then the babysitter is escorted to the place where she was found so that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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