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Photo Description of the waiting room in Chicago, Illinois by Jack Delano - Essay Example

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The photo represents a caption of the waiting room of the Union Station (LOC) photographed by Jack Delano. From the general look, the photo represents a caption of people waiting at the train station to probably board the train. …
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Photo Description of the waiting room in Chicago, Illinois by Jack Delano
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Download file to see previous pages However, from a closer look at the photo, it can be seen that the focus of the photo man was at the two gentle men standing at the foreground. The probable interest might be a case that appears to be of concern to the gentlemen as can be seen from their looks. The picture communicates a lot of information about the nature of activities and the people in the caption, however, among the messages in the picture, one is dominant. A case that is troubling the two gentle men and the others in the picture even though among the concerned parties, the two gentle men seem to be at the centre of it.
This argument is supported by how the Cameraman focused majorly at these two gentlemen who by the nature of their dressing looks like police officers. They appear to be having a serious conversation that can be attributed to this suspected case. The specifics of the conversation is not so apparent, but it is likely not a social conversation as can be seen by their faces (Fleischhauer, et al. 361).
A closer look at the photographer’s depiction at their faces reveals that both are not talking at the same time. The gentle man on the right hand side must be the one doing the talking. His posture is straight, and he is looking straight at the other officer at the left hand side. From this looks alone, one can guess their ranks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Photo Description of the Waiting Room in Chicago, Illinois by Jack Essay.
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