Chicago NAACP and the Rise of the Black Leadership Class - Book Report/Review Example

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Name Professor Course Date Chicago NAACP and the Rise of the Black Leadership Class The Chicago NAACP and the Rise of Black Leadership Class, 1910-1966 is a very interesting book that goes to extended lengths to assist in the identification of Chicago’s history…
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Chicago NAACP and the Rise of the Black Leadership Class
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"Chicago NAACP and the Rise of the Black Leadership Class"

Download file to see previous pages The association was very implemental in the achieving of freedom and thus the noticed achievements. The author of the book, Christopher Robert Reed, is recognized in the field of the Black Movement and this is a factor that led to the increased sales of the book. Christopher Robert Reed is a native Chicago after being born in the area on 11 January 1942. The fact that his grandfather was a very renowned activist was very important as he learnt a lot from the man. The member of the family was very insightful part of his growing up because many are the stories that he heard from a firsthand basis. His father was also very important in his development as he was able to teach him about the struggle that the colored people in Chicago had to go through. The fact that Reed after growing up became a professor of Black Studies in the University of Chicago ensured that he had increased access to information and resources that were very implemental in the writing of his book. The fact that he was also a member of various clubs such as the Martin Luther King movement also gave him a chance to encounter other people with a similar notion and aim in mind. In the movements, they had the ability to discuss among each other and rather gain a significant amount of information for the development of Chicago. Reeds also attended Roosevelt University where he majored in teaching history around the year 1987. This was very imperative as he was able to get in touch with the students who were also in not only school to learn, but they also served as a conference where they could share numerous ideas on the manner through which the black people were being treated. The book was published in the year 1997 for the first time. This was after Mr. Reed had completed his professional life as lecturer in the various universities. The publisher of the book is the Indiana University Press (Reeds 1). The publication method was very important in that the students of the University had the advantage of having a one on one gathering with the professor during the time of the launch of the book for the very first time. The book had not edited and hence it was an original production from the professor. The book had its publication made in Indiana and hence the natives got a one on one hearing with the book writer who had a lot to teach the people. Moreover, the fact that he talked to them one on one gave him a feeling of essence because he knew that the people were interested with his work of art. This was a very important fact in that he was able to gain the push that he required to lead him to offer more publications. The book focuses on Chicago and the manner in which the people, the blacks specifically, had a hard time gaining independence. This was because there was a lot of problems that came with being a colored person in the United States at the time of the publications. The author talks about the vastness of the discrimination to a point where they used to have different stores for different races when it came to purchasing food. The discrimination was even in the offices. The white people actually considered the elite and hence the jobs that they had were very reputable. The white people were the ones promoted first and then the issues of the few successful black people could come later. Christopher is a black person and hence the manner in whi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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