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Genres and Genre Film - Movie Review Example

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The plot of the story follows the life of a number of criminal gangs and iconic criminals. Tony Montana, the film’s main character, arrives in Miami as a refugee from Cuba. He lives in the camp with his close…
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Genres and Genre Film
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Download file to see previous pages The director of the film, Brian De Palma, adheres to the dictates of the genre theory. He develops a systematic plot that follows the life of criminals. He limits the story to underground industries that constitute the crime and gangster relations thereby upholding the features of the crime and gangster genre in films as the discussion below portrays.
Crime and gangster is a major genre in films. Genre is a system of classification, which categorizes things in groups of similar kinds. In films, the genre influences the process of creating films since every genre addresses a unique social feature and adheres to the identified intricate features of such categories (Grant, 2003). As explained earlier, crime and gangster is a major genre in films. Such films follow the sinister actions of mobsters or criminals. Every economy has different types of criminals who make up a large underground economy thriving on different types of criminal businesses. Such films therefore delve in the industry of crime following the lives and actions of criminals as they go about developing their gangs and the conflicts that develop among the gangs (Browne, 1998).
Scarface embodies the features of a crime and gangster film. The story in the film follows the life of a gangster, Tony Montana, as he enters the country and develops his criminal empire. The film shows the intricate features of the drug industry. Drugs are contraband products that dealers must protect both from the law enforcers and from rivaling gangs. In order to develop their illegal businesses, drug dealers engages in immense violence as they eliminate any forms of threats. Tony enters the industry when Frank Lopez approaches him with a request to kill a former Cuban official who threatened the prosperity of his drug market in the country. The film therefore opens up with the violence that characterizes the risky activities of criminals.
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