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Influence of HK movies - Essay Example

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Influence of Hong Kong movie Abstract The paper deals with Hong Kong movie and its influence on the Eastern and Western society. On the example of kung fu movie, gangster movie and comedy and comedy action movie, the changing nature of Hong Kong cinematograph has been explored further on…
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Influence of HK movies
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it should be claimed that Hong Kong movie genres has combined centennial values of Chinese nation and transferred them to the contemporaries in an “easy-going” and comprehensible manner. Key words: kung fu movie, gangster movie, comedy/action comedy movie. Introduction Hong Kong cinematograph is often compared and contrasted to Hollywood cinematograph. Still, there is a need to claim that the importance of movies produced in Hong Kong is in their uniqueness. Such genres as kung fu movie, gangster movie and action comedy and comedy movie are discussed in the paper further on. The most important integrative components of Hong Kong movies are: following Chinese traditions, interpreting centennial arts of combat to the contemporaries and inspiring them with patriotism, brevity and a power of a spirit and providing modern Eastern and Western families with a perfect opportunity to spend their evening while watching movies of Hong Kong cinematograph. This is a zestful cocktail of Hong Kong cinematograph. Moreover, it should be noted that every genre has contributed a lot to the Eastern and Western audiences. ...
The main idea relevant to contemporary researchers should be focused on the central importance of Chinese philosophy, spiritual heritage of the Eastern world and the way these issues are interpreted in the modern Hong Kong cinematograph. Hong Kong Action Comedy Movie Hong Kong action comedy movies are, supposedly, the most important products of Hong Kong cinematograph. There are three basic components in these films that are so much attracting to the audience. Firstly, these films comply with Chinese traditions; secondly, these films follow the best traditions of Hollywood action films and thirdly, these films border with transculutral imagination of the audience about “good” cinematograph. There is much deeper sense beyond action comedy genre than the audience can think. There is much more philosophical background beyond the play of handsome Ekin Cheng and Nicholas Tse. Whether digital effects are used or not, a good spirit of humor and positivism is present in action comedy movie of Hong Kong in any case (Yau, 2001). It is especially important to discuss the important role these films play for Hong Kong people and Westerners nowadays. This can be explained by overall tendencies of globalization. Different national and cultural borders are being blurred and there is a need to create such kind of a cultural product that would be appealing for representative of any nation (Ma, 1999). There were different stages in the development of comedy movie in Hong Kong. At first, politicians criticized spiritual load of the films; in 70s death of Bruce Lee (Baker, 2008) set different accents in this type of films. 80s was a period of Jackie Chan upheaval and the genre of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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