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Genre Is Important for Defining Works of Fiction - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Genre is important for defining works of fiction Genre remains as a category of literature. Often, authors write books related to one or more types of genre. In the essay below, one will be discussing the importance of genre in defining works of fiction…
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Genre Is Important for Defining Works of Fiction
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"Genre Is Important for Defining Works of Fiction"

Download file to see previous pages The film, Hanna, clearly depicts characteristics of three genres: myth, superhero tales and fairy tales. According to a review of the movie by Bradshow, a Myth remains as a fictitious person, story or thing. In accordance to Jennifer, the genre of fairy tales often deals with stories that got folkloric fantasy possessing characters like fairies, elves, goblins, dwarves, plus some elements of magic or enchantment. The genres of superhero tales often contain a major character that stands out to be indestructible despite evil always trying to destroy the character. In the essay below, one will try to establish if the genre of myth exhibited in the movie Hanna more accurately reflects the truth in the film than do superhero tales and fairytales. In the movie, Hanna, the truth in the film could be extrapolated from the events related to the genre of myth. It the movie, an ex-Criminal Investigation Agent, Erik, trains her daughter in the wilds of Finland to become a ruthless assassin destined to fulfill on goal. The ideal setting of isolation totally contributed to the truth in the story since the father dedicated the entire girl’s life in learning to become an assassin. Furthermore, isolation from the real world provided an excellent environment for the girl to become ruthless. In having no upbringing like a normal child, the girl knew of one thing in life, to kill. By being two of them in the wild, they both learned survival tactics as they hunted for their meals. In relation to review by Rapold, the story remains more fictitious since the whereabouts of the Erik and Hanna remained unknown, even the Criminal Intelligence Agency, contributing to the truth of the story. From a critical perspective, any person that wishes to kill his or her enemy always needs to be prepared and be ready to surprise the enemy when the right time comes. Erik prepared Hanna for a single mission, to kill a Criminal Investigation Agent, Marissa. It is the above events related to the genre of myth that do bring the element of truth in the movie rather than the genres of fairytales and superhero tales. In the story, Hanna usually read Grimms fairy tales. The Grimms fairy tales often becomes associated with violent and horrific tales that became not consistent with fairy tales contributing to the truth of the story. Hanna, being a trained adolescent girl, becomes depicted in the story as a smart soldier, with stamina and strength like a well trained adult soldier. Her training remains quit fictitious to the reading since it is impossible for a girl that age to become a top notch assassin. Furthermore, Hanna had never interacted with the real world and met people apart from her father ever since she was born. In relation to a review by Rapold, it also becomes fictitious when a girl that has never killed any person in the wild turns to become a ruthless assassin in the real world. In trying to give the movie some truth in regard to the mission Hanna had been assigned, the directors had to include some mythical elements. The director generally tries to link the character to and tries to fit it in the general society. Hanna runs away once she activates the signal to show their whereabouts to the Criminal Investigation Agency. It remains also mythical when Hanna adapts and camouflages in the society. In accordance to Bredshaw review, after Hanna becomes captured by the Criminal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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