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It was during the Chinese invasion and domination. Philosophical beliefs of Chinese permeated Vietnamese culture. For humans to achieve perfection they ought to follow specific codes of behavior. Foremost Viet Nam…
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What are the most important values in Viet Nam culture
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Viet Nam Culture Viet Nam Culture The Viet Nam culture had interruptions from Confucian values. It was during the Chinese invasion and domination. Philosophical beliefs of Chinese permeated Vietnamese culture. For humans to achieve perfection they ought to follow specific codes of behavior. Foremost Viet Nam cultures include family values, a good name, love to learn, and respect.
Family values
A family is a center of Vietnamese society. Each person strives to be the best. Misconduct brings blame to the family. Success brings fame. Fame is for the individual and the family. Children receive teachings for the welfare of their families and the society (Lücking, 2013).They need to appreciate the aspect of birth, education and rearing. Family love extends to the society. They desire to live and die in their societies. The people have an obligation of filial piety.
A good name
They desire to have a good name. A fragrant name is better than material possessions. The name comes with respect and admiration. People with riches but bad names are not respected. Bad names bring disgrace. Acquiring real names can be through heroic deeds and intellectual achievements. There are limited chances for heroic deeds. Thus, utilize the one at hand. Few people have exceptional qualities. The virtues triumphed include honesty, honor, modesty among others.
The love to learn
They uphold the love of learning and knowledge. Having this quality commands respect and admiration. Learned people enjoy prestige. Virtues and knowledge are complementary aspects of ideal men. Learning is valuable than materials and wealth. Uneducated but wealthy people do not hold a place in the society. Scholars rank the first then the farmers and the businesspersons. Learning does not come from disinterested motives. Prestige and social status drive knowledge. Education transcends people to social leadership and opportunities.
People should show respect to senior individuals. One must respect the parents and older siblings. They must show obedience in actions and words. Respect makes part of filial piety. Virtuous and learned people enjoy admiration and respect. Respect comes through virtuous lives. Also, it comes through heroic deeds. Linguistic devices and specific behaviors express respect. Respect is a vital factor in Vietnamese value system. A person with respect has more opportunities as compared to the others.
Lücking, M. (2013). “Between Individual Spirituality and Responsibility for Society.” European Judaism, 46(1), 103-114. doi:10.3167/ej.2013.46.01.14 Read More
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